July 4th Happy Birthday America! Please Be Safe On The Fourth! * Pics.....of course!

Happy Fourth of July Morning,

It's a sunny 89 with 36% humidity.  A beautiful sunny day.

I've been wearing my hair straight the last couple of days and it's a challenge.  The complex in which I reside in Albany was built in the 70's and I'm sure they gave no thought to putting a waterproof barrier down before they poured the first floor.

The place is always damp so I usually have the heat or the air on.  My hair still frizzes. 

I had my nails done Thursday.  A fill and a pedicure at an Asian nail salon as my regular girl here is swamped.  I will say they did a great job, everyone in masks, temperature check, vinyl sheet barriers, etc.  But they were $40 more then my girl in Florida with NO nail art.  Ack!

Still, they are fresh and look lovely.  Just Big Apple Red on my fingers and toes.

It's been a good week. Yesterday I had a private sessiion with all the safety precautions.  We  had fun even though it's my opinion and the CDC's and NY State that some things are not prudent now.  If we want to be honest with ourselves it's going to be the new normal.  Oh, I know, there are many with whom it's business as usual.  I personally think that's risky and foolish.  On both sides.  You have equal responsibility in this also.

Because of my  caution in Florida and here and some help from the Universe my Tuesday Covid-19 test was negative. Along with the negative antibodies it's pretty certain I haven't had covid.  

It's pretty certain I will not be offering personal encounters once I return to Florida.  The numbers are still going up. I am not saying another word about that.

Noon was my reading with Alexx.  It was exciting and great.   It's been almost a year since  last and I never would have imagined last year that life would be so diferent from then.  Who did?

He said, and I concur, that for me Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise.  Necessity made me change directions and add something new career wise.  Plus, it is time to say adieu to Albany and head back to Florida.  Of that, I am certain.  I just need to get rid of the furniture first. lol

I've made no plans for fireworks. I'll watch the reruns on TV tonight.  Much safer.

I just finished a Face Time with a lovely young man from Scotland. We've met on Skype before. Another one of the blessings of virtual.  Friends around the globe!

Tomorrow is more Face Time and hopefully selling some more furnishings.  It's slow going and I found out that donating to Habitat for humanity isn't a done deal.  They want the stuff outside your home.  How I'm going to move furniture, much less an 86" sofa by myself is a fantasy. I'm still holding out for those folks who cannot live without my stuff. lol If any of my Albany readers know folks who need good furniture at a great price let me know. 

So, that's my day this Fourth.  Quiet like the rest of this visit but good.  I feel great, keeping the pounds off and slowly inching to my goal.  If it's not too hot this afternoon I'll take a walk.  If it is...I'll do some yoga. 

Twitter is still growing and I have 131.1K of followers as of this morning.  It has been a  definite factor in making the shift from my full time profession to virtual.  I say thank you, thank you, thank you constantly!  And I thank YOU for helping me continue to do what I love best.  Being naughty!

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Fantasy Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Raiding the Closet Again....vintage dress and hat bought for the Saratoga Racing Season.

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