July 18 The Old Site is Still Up! The New One is in the Works! 10 More Days in Albany * Pics!

Hello My Naughty Friends, It's 92 in Upstate NY but the humidity is only 37%.  Tampa is 78 but the humidity is 91%.  Folks have been texting and emailing me all day asking if I'm staying cool.  Florida is hot and humid from May to November.  This is a piece of cake even if it is supposed to hit close to a 100 here tomorrow.  It never last long, unlike months on end in Florida. It's been an odd week. My website looked like it was tanking so I began the process of having my Houston photographer build me a new one...more virtually oriented.  We'll sneak some subtle references to appointments in real time here and there but they are most definitely way down the road.  Luckily my current site is still up, although a little slow. I am projecting the new one being done before that happens.  Albany's rare of infections has been starting to increase.  Visitors from other states and all the parrties without masks and social distancing as the state opened up.  You would think people would learn but I guess not. Virtual was a little quieter the last few days but it was more an exercise in frustration for my guys.  Plans changed last minute and life interfered.  You can't get upset about that stuff happened.  So I did not.  Today has been busy and I sense that it will continue to be so.  I had a private encounter with a returning friend that was great fun. Then one of the folks who have been inquiring about my stuff for sale showed up this afternoon and bought that beautiful two mirrors.  He may buy more.  Sharp young entrepreneu driving a BMW red convertible.   That sofa was my biggest hurdle and now that that and the bed are won't be a hassle tImove the rest of the stuff out the door.  It will sell! I've changed my YouTube channel to an adult listing so I should not have any more "reviews" of the content as I did when it was set as kids could view.  I could not, for the life of me, find where to do that, but finally I did.  Oh, it's not going to change how I do things but it will end some of the scrutiny.   I'm plain running out of different stuff to wear.  As a friend said, repurpose...but there's not a big wardrobe here in Albany.  You will probably have to see the same thing with a different accessory soon.  I'm thinking of changing the title from Closet Series to something else.  Just a general update where I"ll share what's going on and answer queries from subscribers. My background check is still not final but I'm not concerned about that.  They said it takes a week.  I'm already planning where furniture is going. However, once it get it I'll line up the movers. Sis and I can load up the van with little stuff and drive it around the corner and unload.  I've figured out how to get the chrome canopy bed down and I think everything is going to go just swimmingly.  ( I know, I've been watching too many British television shows.)  If someone wants to buy it with the apartment I'll sell it.  It's really too big for most any space.  But it looked damned hot!   Of course, the St. Andrews Cross is going too.  More bolts in the new walls.  Although it's probably not going to be much more then a decoration for a while. Or a back drop when I cam.  I filmed the latest YouTube closet mini vid today and I think it came out well.  Except there's something sitting on my desk that I'm hoping YouTube won't notice.  See if you catch what  it is. I'm learning some wonderful lessons in trusting the Universe these last few months.  I'm happy to say I'm in a good place despite all the challenges we've all had.  Blessings upon all of you my friends! Life is truly good! Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF, Anneke

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