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It Was A Toy Day Today! Pics and A New Clip Up Too!

Hello To My Boy Friends with no strings,

It's an overcast and rainy day today. I felt it as soon as I awakened.

As you know my Sis and Hubby moved to The Villages south of Ocala. I think everyone has heard about the place. They even have their own newspaper and yesterday she sent me a text with a clip from it.

Arthritis Index...yesterday...Extreme.

Everyone thinks that because Florida is warm that folks with arthritis will do well in this climate. The problem is it's warm and damp/high humidity. It bothers us just as much at times as the cold up north. Today is off the charts and I'm going to do some yoga in a few to help stop that burning pain that comes with it. The good news yoga works!

It's a fact of aging as the body wears out and years old injuries come back to haunt us. My neighbor upstairs is a very young sixty. Good looking, fit, stylish and you'd never guess his age. He and one of my gal pal neighbors across the courtyard got together last night for cocktails and pizza. (Yeah, keto went out the window briefly.) She's my age and absolutely gorgeous. We were talking about aches and he said....Oh no...Geezer report. We all laughed because none of us think we're old.

Some days the process starts to bother me and then I remember how much I have to be thankful for at this time of my life and I myself....enough of that! You are fabulous girl! And you know what...we ALL are. So love yourself and be grateful you are still among the living.

And I intend to be as naughty as I safely can as long as I can.

I've had a great week business wise. Today was no exception with a full hour very naughty cam session. He loves to watch women masturbate on porn sites so he was able to see it in person on camera. I had all kinds of toys out for his edification. How many others grandmothers get to have that kind of afternoon?

AND have a new clip on their adult clip store. It's a solo gig that I know you'll enjoy. Foot fetish folks and toy review'll love it.

I'm keeping this short today. Yoga and then cocktail time await.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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