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It's the weekend! * Pics

Hi Hotties,

I always chuckle when I write that. My work presence is 7 days a week. But I do try and chill a little on the weekends. This pic was one of the updates during the week.

This morning I'm heading to Whole Foods for some great Scottish salmon and accoutrements for a playtime tomorrow. Of course.... some prosecco to go along.

Then to the pool. I haven't been in several weekends. Too much going on in a good way. I may even go back this evening for some dancing. It's close by so it's very convenient.

I had two filming sessions with models this week. One, the Delivery Guy, the other a new model. Very experienced and very hot. I should have them soon. Myla has been under the weather so we did not film this week.

So this is truly a short one today. I'm feeling fine...all recovered from the UTI and my energy has returned. Watch out!

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty, Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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