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It's the Holidays! Pics of course.

Hi Everybody,

Where has this year gone? It's whizzed by and Christmas is just around the corner. Most of my family and I do not exchange gifts but like it or not I'm sending goodies to my daughter, her boyfriend and $$ to my son.

The weather here in Florida is outstanding. Cool mornings, perfect for a walk and warm beautiful afternoons around 80. The lower humidity is so welcome

My only fans is growing! I'm at my highest level of membership and I'm pretty sure it's because Twitter is changing. All those censors quit their jobs I think. And Musk, like him or not, doesn't seem to care about going after gals in my profession right now. The shadow bans directly affected my biz.

Twitter is my best advertisement. And it's free. I just have to put the time in with little snippets of my life and personality. Surprisingly, the Thanksgiving cooking video was a hit. And many times the "everyday Anneke" pics have more viewers then the lingerie ones. But I never know what will strike a note.

I filmed again with my well equipped British friend yesterday. The Delivery Guy will be returning soon. Both have been hits with members.

Myla had a little holiday gathering last evening at her tricked out love nest. I could never explain what a social gathering is like here at the nudist resort and the conversations that occur. I have not been partaking of much alcohol for several weeks and the little I had last night.....I am not out of my bathrobe yet today. That in itself is confirmation for not having any or very little. It is really nice having a smaller tummy and lover numbers on the scale. Plus, more energy and better health!

Be on the look out for a Holiday email with some thoughts of what this last year has meant and what I've accomplished. Without your support none of it would have happened.

If you'd like to send a Christmas token of appreciation for my work an Amazon gift card is a girl's best friend. is my account.

Life is good! Despite all the hecticness of the season, embrace and enjoy it!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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