It's Sexy Saturday Fun! Pics

Hello My Friends,

It's a rare day in Florida. While the temp is 90 the humidity is now 57%. Believe me when I say it makes a huge difference in the comfort level. I was even able to go out in the storage room that is in my garage and do some organizing. Impossible before. And the dehumidifier that I put in there helps too.

My landlord left behind two. One for the garage which sounds like a B52 and the other a newer model. It's quiet, efficient and is doing the job. I have all my tax records back there so I do not want them getting mildew. The old photo albums, (yes, some of us still have them) I brought inside in the air conditioning.

It's been another quiet week but Twitter and You Tube have had thousands of viewers and new followers/subscribers. The trick would be to get them doing something, instead of just looking. Although the clip store is doing better. As soon as Covid starts looking better and there is some promise of a vaccine I'll consider filming new videos. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've heard that before but the problems have been two fold. 1. the videographer 2. someone dependable to film with who is a class act. The second is hard to find. I have no desires of filming with a big dick who has a small brain.I can't imagine you'd even want to see that.

Then, I was doing some work on the new annekepleasures and realized that there were some problems. My webmistress is getting better but I didn't reach out adequately for response so I called Wix. The gals who helped couldn't have been nicer and I thought I had most of my concerns addressed. My webmistress called. We discussed what was going on and I said I'd send her an email for additional photos from the last shoot that she used on the site.

After, yesterday, I logged onto to and headed to the members page. Just to check on things and to my dismay there were ALL the xxx photos in full display for anyone to see. Oh, no! Not what I want. They are meant to be exclusive for only you members. So, I sent an email and a text to WMistress. I went ahead and deleted them all after I could not find a place to limit the access on the Contact Manager System. She is aware now and is trouble shooting. Sorry, boys. Once it gets fixed, I'll reload them. Until then they are gone. My apologies.

The new moon was Thursday and I did a sage cleansing of the house but, more of me and wrote my list of desires after a time of meditation. Very cathartic and positive.

It's a busy time of year for most but I have plenty of time for you. Old friends, let's have a reunion. I've lowered the tribute and I will see those traveling in AFTER 14 days of your arrival.

Lets plan an adventure. It's been way too long since I've felt comfortable doing so. I feel if we're healthy and prudent there can be "Love in the time of Covid." I lifted that phrase from a very astute Chicago provider Eva.

Life is good and I'm very, very thankful for all I have in this life. That includes you!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Copied from Twitter, (phone still not sending photos to my computer)

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