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It's Beautiful in Florida Now! Pics

Hi My Darling Friends,

Sorry loves...busy weekend.

It's finally behaving like Florida! Warmer days and a warmer evenings. I finally could move my orchids outside and they are blooming like mad. It brings me great joy.

It was a banner week for filming. I worked with a porn producer on Wednesday afternoon. Very naughty grandma/grandson scenario but neither of us we really comfortable with that so right up front in the dialogue we stated I was step-grandma and he was step-grandson. Are you surprised? I have no problems being mom or grandma in our private role plays. But putting it out there on the internet......kind of dicey for me.

Anyway it was a good shoot, long as the commercial ones are. I got home at 4:45 and had an OnlyFans shoot scheduled for 6. A quick hop in the shower and freshen up and it was time to be naughty again.

26...full of confidence and very cute. Myla filmed us and Part 1 is already up at . The Boy Next Door. I know, I'm shameless. But I also play safe. In the case of the producer's shoot we both tested a few days before. Something I do on a regular basis with an industry testing location in Tampa that represents Talent Testing.

Then Thursday I had another shoot with a guy also from SDC (swinger's date club) late afternoon. He'd filmed before so it was fun and seamless. Both want to return. Those are words I like to hear as I chew through content at Only Fans, trying to keep a fresh vault of content for my fans.

Saturday I headed back up to Ocala to my sister's for my birthday celebration for my brother-in-law. My sister surprised him with a visit from both sons. One is married, lovely wife, the other single. Since there was no place left to sleep I drove back home the same day.

There was a possibility that a playmate might be able to visit on Sunday. I wanted to be HOME in case he could! Yes, he made it and play we did. Several times. How many? I'm not telling. (smiles)

This morning I've already had a walk, lifted light weights and am getting ready for filming my Monday updates. I have to do them separately accordingly. There are RULES on each of this sites. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All kind of vanilla with a bit of spiciness. Only Fans, I can whatever the hell I want and I do. Definitely xxx rated. is the link if you want to peek.

I've gotten most of my wardrobe together for the photo shoot with Aldo Antonio on Thursday. I have the outfits all picked out. I've yet to put together all the accessories. Shoes, boots, jewelry, stockings, etc. It's most definitely a lot of work and expense but when did I ever hate shopping for sexy clothes? Never! It will be mostly red and black with a touch of powder blue. Very hot I hope.

Thursday I head to Orlando and the shoot. I'm staying at an Orlando adult resort with many theme rooms. The shoot room has a definite fetish bent. Then I'm staying on until at least Sunday. My first vacation in many, many years.

You are probably thinking why would Anneke go to another adult resort for vacation when she already lives in one? Because NO one except my one friend knows me there. And it's not a community like here. My neighbors LOVE to gossip. LOL And honestly, I do not want to have to wear a bathing suit and vanilla clothes as in a regular resort. I can sunbathe nude and dress sexy for dinner and the club each night. I'll get to meet new people, make new friends and perhaps play with some. It will be an adventure!

I am going off campus Friday afternoon and heading to Disney Springs and lunch at Jaleo owned by world renowned chef Jose' Andres. A friend here highly recommended it some time ago. Can't wait.

So, that's what is new. I will NOT be posting a journal update until I return. I'm really going to try to do as little work as possible after the photo shoot.

Life is good and it's getting warmer in Florida.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday update

Thursday Update

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