It's All Over * 364 Days to next Christmas * Pics

Good Saturday the Day After Christmas Peeps,

First may I say thank you to all who reached out with Christmas greetings and gifts here in chilly Florida. I sincerely wish that your holiday was fabulous for you and yours.

I laughed this morning when I saw a Peanuts cartoon strip featuring Lucy complaining about counting down all the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas. And then she yelled, "It's ALL over!" In a sense that is almost how I feel.

Getting ready for Christmas this year was a great distraction from the challenges of Covid, the election process and whatever else life threw at us. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was convinced I was going to leave my decorations up long after my usual day after New Year's Day take down.

Now I'm planning a New Year's redesign. And thinking...nah...the decorations ARE coming down the day after New Year's Day. While I did my yoga session this morning my mind was was busy for the next look. I had to stop myself and get back to mindfulness. But when I'm in that creative mood nothing is going to slow it down.

As I was thinking of what I was planning I realized a lot of those items I could use went to the Salvation Army last year. I really thought I'd kept those Pottery Barn red pillow covers. Drat it...after scrounging around I had not. Plan B....Amazon.

It's really not a big deal or an expense. I'm just changing some accessories. The blue and white Chinese porcelain that you see in the photos is a main stay and goes with anything.

Still it's something to look forward to. But even more so the full return of my occupation. Don't mistake it. I absolutely love doing Virtual/Cam sessions. There is a real connection during these meetings and play times. Friendships and fondness do form. Even the phone and text sessions. That has really surprised me how much I enjoy those. And they have saved my butt this year. I just may add Night Flirt phone sessions and Sky Private Cam Sessions after the first of the year. I'll let you know.

I'm becoming more aware that guys want it when they want it and they don't want to be going to my website to have to "read" something, heaven forbid and figuring out how to gift with Paypal or Venmo, etc. etc. It's finally dawned on me that it's probably easier to set up an account at one of those sites and just play there. Or have the option.

The only problem with that? They take a cut. When I handle my own payments it's all mine. However, it's better to be busier with a service charge then sitting here with time on my hands.

I'm thinking it's going to be next month for my opportunity for the vaccine. Another month for the second and then another month maybe two to allow the immunity to develop. We're talking April before I can even think about safely resuming one on one sessions. I'm still astounded at the number of women who worked through this and toured all over the country. Or that you guys saw them. I receive at least one call every day for a one on one session. It pains me to say no. It really pains the bank account. But the risk is too high for me.

I do miss being touched, caressed, made love to and making love in return. I also miss the mental challenge of the fetish and domination sessions. They really keep me on my toes. It would take several updates to explain that so I'll just say.....satisfying an intimate need is more natural then satisfying a deep seated very particular fetish desire or a absolute need to be dominated. My hat goes out to the women who are hard core Dominas. They are truly brilliant. Me....sensual domination is my forte. I cannot deny my submissives a happy ending.

My sister and her husband are continuing to slowly improve. It shocked her to the core that the person she thinks they contacted it from is dead. It made me throw any thoughts about providing too soon go right out the window. I'm so relieved and thankful they survived.

I think next year this time....they will be in Florida. I know my son will be in the next month or so. Can't wait.

I had my two friends over for Christmas Eve dinner. Cocktails, tenderloin, lasagna, fresh asparagus, the original Caesar salad recipe and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. I never realized how easy that is to make.

Christmas Day I was alone but not lonely. Leftover lasagna is always better along with lots of phone calls, text, emails and well wishes. Back on keto today! I have a sexy new white bodycone mini with stiletto sandals that have rhinestones and maribou trim.

Today's pics are some of the last two weeks outfits. My camera man is away. Monday I'll do point of view or pop the phone on my tripod for a social media update and pics. It's not as interesting but it will work.

Stay safe this week. I'll reach out again next Wednesday. Happy Holidays!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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