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It's a Glorious Weekend * Ach Choo! * Pics

Hi Peeps,

Yes, it's a beautiful hot day here. Unfortunately the pollen count is sky high and I have to wear a mask when I go outside on the patio. I'm taking all kinds of allergy stuff to stave it off. Not really working well at all. I feel like I have a cold, blowing, coughing, sneezing and it's endless. I know allergist is next.

Other then that, I'm just ducky. My only fans did well this week, subs going up again but a major setback as my Instagram account that got restored was deleted. The guy who has been administering it put up a pic that was only intended for only fans. I NEVER would have. It got suspended and despite appeal, deleted. So.....37.7 followers....gone. I haven't even been able to log into my back up account, avb.gilfgoddess_backup myself. If you can please let me know.

He's about to get fired. And unless he reads this journal he doesn't know it yet. I still have fewer subs now then I did at the peek in December and I'm making less because I have to pay him 20%. Yep, no brainer. From now on, it's back to me doing everything myself. I thought by hiring an "expert" I could get my subscribers and out reach up. It has not happened under his ministrations.

On to happier things, my orchid are so happy and blooming beautifully. Even the smaller plants are sending up flower spikes. Yes, it puts a smile on my face.

My playmate will be here this afternoon for the rest of the weekend. I'm doing something crazy tonight. We're dressing up Goth and going to The Castle in Ybor City for their Saturday party. I have a driver to and fro. Ybor isn't a place you want to wander around to find parking. Unfortunately it's gotten a reputation again for being unsafe. We'll be fine in the club and having a driver.

Yes.....I'll take pictures. So what does Goth attire amount to? Lots of black, a corset of course, fishnet bodysuit underneath, either a black mini or net crinoline and chunky black boots. I'll wear my leather and chain necklace.

Granny goes Goth. I know....but what the hell? I'm only going this way once.

So that's about it for this week outside of filming updates and trying to stay healthy. Lots of calls for appointments....all last minute and resistant to screening. And the boys in blue trying to set up encounters. They are getting pretty good with their stories. I never hear from them again once I insist on 24 hour notice and screening.

Oh...and the hair salon. New color again! Pics below.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday's Update.....Ladylike.

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