It's a Gardening Day AND a Naughty One Too! Two of my favorite things! Pics.

Hello My Friends,

It's another hot one but not quite as bad. The heat index is only 100 today. I'm joking. It's freaking uncomfortable. Plus I decided to find a real garden center and drove over to Odessa today. Odessa Garden Center on Gunn Highway if you are a Tampa Bay person who'd like to take your business to a place that grows their own product, actually advises and takes care of you and has great value.

I'm thrilled I found them and I will go back. I'm a farm girl at heart and not being able to tend to something growing and green has been an empty spot in my life. Why I loved that little patio in Albany.

Here, like there, I can't put a hole in the ground and have to grow in containers. However, if you watch Gardener's World from the UK every Friday night like I do....container gardening is perfectly acceptable!

Yep...some of the nerd in me just popped out. My brother and I spent our summers running around our 10 acres of lawn, gardens and fields in our bare feet. Climbing trees in the woods and making tree forts. We had chickens, outdoor bird dogs and barn cats and lots of room to run in the mostly agricultural neighborhood. Creeks to swim in even though we were told not to and places to explore. At night, we'd watch the hundreds of bats fly out of our barn. I was more blessed then I fully realized at the time. Although I was always proud of our land!.

Everything I bought today was for the pollinators. Butterflies, bees of all types and moths. Hummingbirds too. They all keep us fed. And they are disappearing so each little garden like mind can make a difference.

My day began with a great cup of coffee and a request for an early session. I agreed to 10 am but was ready earlier. It was hot and naughty and I hope we get to do it again.

After, I finally finished my taxes and dropped them off at my accountant's. Back home for lunch and then to the garden center about 14 miles away. It was worth the drive!

I tried to post an ad on Eros last night for virtual services but as usual I was stymied. It seems they just try and make it as difficult as they can imagine. Instead, I think I'll bump up the Tryst ad and pay more attention to some others, like Slixa. It's a beautiful site but in the years they've been in business I think I've had ONE appointment. Guys just gravitate to Eros...%^&(*&+#* Yeah, that's what I think of them.

I updated yesterday for YouTube, Twitter and Instagram instead of Monday. I was finishing my taxes and just not in the mindset Monday. Yesterday I got up well rested, washed and straightened my hair...tried a new makeup technique and put on a velvet maxi dress that I bought right after my daughter was born. It fits perfectly. You'll see below.

I think it's doubtful I'll ever get rid of my little tummy...I never have. But I've found some guys love little tummies. At this age....I yam what I yam. lol

After the heat of the garden center and repotting I'm all sticky, sweating and hot. Time for another shower.

My new shower is truly big enough for a party! Oh that it would be so in the future. But life is still good..

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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