It's a BIG Day tomorrow! * Pics!

Hello My Darling Boys,

Beautiful here today. After my Whole Foods order arrives I'm going for a walk. Well, I was. Now it's drizzling.

What's tomorrow? Vaccination day! That is how ridiculous and tragic this last year has been that getting a vaccine is such an important event! We're in the middle of a world wide pandemic and this is probably one of the biggest crises the world has faced in a long time.

It certainly shows us the stuff we, our friends and neighbors and our government, are made of. Sadly, our own country/government hasn't taken it seriously enough in my opinion. The proof....look at where we are with the numbers.

People bitch and moan that they have to wear a mask. It infringes upon their rights....(bull...)That they can't go out to dinner or social activities, sporting events, concerts, travel as they did blah, blah, blah. Of course, most of those are the ones who didn't those their source of income or their homes or their health insurance. Or much less a loved one or friend to this awful thing. Those that have are thrilled to be able to keep their home and feed their kids.

Me.....I'm still thankful I can put two feet on the floor each morning and that I'm healthy. Do I like having my primary source of income gone and now my secondary one dwindling because now every good looking woman and her sister are camming? Hell no....but I can still pay my bills...have enough to eat and live in a beautiful home. I'm one of the LUCKY ones who has suffered financial consequences and hung on. I scramble every day but I KNOW I"ll be okay and on the days I feel overwhelmed....I RUN to my little journal and write that gratitude list, being thankful for what I do have.

And you know what? I always manage to find at least 10 things to be grateful for. To be honest...I have to limit myself because I could keep writing.

I can't be as naughty as I'd like or have fun with's not safe and sorry, working in a pandemic as an escort is not ethical for ME. I'm not going to judge those who absolutely have to.

Rant over!

On a happier note, Thursday was a pedicure and new daggers....blood red. You'll see them in the pics below.

Yesterday's social media update was Fetish oriented and I was not sure how it would be received but it was a hit. There are a lot of kinksters out there or at the very least they love the look! Ya gotta love it. A couple on You Tube said...."I don't like the gloves." Hey...I dress for myself and all kind of different preferences as long as it's still classy even when it's smutty. One can be both!

I had a film maker reach out to see if I had any interest. No, not adult films. Actually kind of a comedy role and then he floated a documentary....about me. Am I game? Let's just say I'm exploring. There are fakes in this industry so be assured I will not be taken in by one. I will do my homework!

I went to Todd for Couples this afternoon and bought a new friend for upcoming videos. I think I'll call him Trevor. He's Caucasian. You'll see him in the next xxx video. You can pretend I am playing with you!

Life is good. I'm going to have some fun no matter what!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Fetish Friday

Yeah....I'm getting some muscles.

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