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Good Morning My Friends,

My eyes popped open at 7 am today. I really wanted 8 hours but my body said no. My back was a little sore but I spent a while in high heels yesterday filming a Shoe Fetish video. It's telling me "hey girl, give me a little break" after modeling 4 pairs of stilettos and parading around in them.

Of course, I was wearing very little while I did that. It should be up this week. And we did a Social Media update heels too. You'll find those on You Tube, Twitter and Instagram. The links are on my website.

We had our first cocktail party this week at my neighbor's across the courtyard. Everyone has been vaccinated.. It seemed so nice to be able to socialize and not be scared to death you might catch Covid.

So,,,yes...everyone was over 65. That's our community mostly although new younger folks are moving in. The club opened to 7 days a week now with slightly longer hours but the same high membership and drink prices. I'm still not joining. The only real benefit is the pool, the conversation pool and the big jacuzzi. There are no single men that I'd be interested in.

I'll probably join the one up the road. Attractive people, many past members of the one here and they all make an effort to dress sexy for the atmosphere. It's a swinger's resort...not just nudist. It's a beautiful, upscale place for a few hundred more a year but the amenities far surpass ours. And there a single guys. A lot of folks live here but party there.

Not much else new. My Eros ad is up but still getting tire kickers. It's fine as virtual has been good every day. I've been off the escort/domina grid for a year. It's going to take time to build back the business, especially when I will not accept same appts They say it's fine if I tell them they have to be tested 3-5 days out but they don't mean it. Most want...."Are you available now?"

Nope....unless it's virtual and we've already met and I'm not either camming with someone else or living life. is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...I'm seriously considering initiating only one update a week. Maybe Thursdays.

Thursday and Friday filming pics. Same outfit with variations.

Please do not share this photo on the internet.

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