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It's 44 in the Nudist Resort this morning! * Pics

Hi Boys,

We're in for it again this weekend. Tonight is predicted to be even colder. I covered the orchids last night. With this prolonged chilly weather they have refused to bloom. I can't say that I blame them.

A friend and I are heading to my club tonight. My neighbor said you need to wear the mink. That seems like a good idea, riding over in my golf cart but I don't want it to go missing while I'm on the dance floor.

It's a Black and White theme tonight and I have a new sexy body con dress in black edged in white. Very hot and I think he will appreciate it.

I filmed several times this week. My new consultant for and is guiding me to building both. We've had some setbacks and successes. All part of a new venture. It takes time and sometimes we have to change tactics.

Brazzers reached out to me again this past week to film in LA. It was last minute but I said yes! I haven't the final info, flights, hotel, shoot, script but I'm supposed to fly out Jan. 22nd, film the 23rd, fly back the 24th. This time will be a boy/girl shoot. I'll admit I'm very curious as to who the BOY will be. I'll keep you posted.

I've been training Myla to become my videographer and I think she's making great strides. She has been such a help! Now we need to find someone to film the two of us! Point of view just isn't the same except for blow jobs.

So it's two steps ahead and one back some days but that is life. It's not about what happens to you but how you handle and grow with the challenges. Thankfully I'm learning to stay more present and above the chaos when it happens. Eclhart Tolle's teachings are helping. And that daily gratitude list!

When I start "huffing and puffing" is how he phrases it I have to catch myself and laugh and get back to being grateful and still in the moment. In this crazy world these days most of us haven't learned or have forgotten how to do that. It makes a huge difference when you are able. I call it.....peace and joy.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Thursday's Shoot

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