Is It 2022 Yet? Warning...kind of a rant! Pics for sure.

Hello My Friends,

Well,,,,,this year hasn't started out well has it? They've run out of vaccine in my county and stopped filling appts two days into last week. Of course, our blockhead governor washed his hands of all responsibility and pushed the job of administering it to the individual counties. Each are on their own. It's no wonder few know what they are doing. Nothing is locked down in Florida and the infections and deaths keep rising. I try not to go anywhere unless for essentials if I do not have to.

I absolutely refuse to get up at 1 in the morning, drive 25 miles west and sit in my car for hours to wait in line to get the vaccine. Their only hours were 2pm to 4:30pm in administering it. You couldn't even sign in to get an appt. until 2pm each day and it was for 2 days away. Then....they ran out.

I know, I'm astounded too. So who knows when I can get mine. Even though I qualify.

Worse yet we have the attack on the Capital. I usually try to be positive in my update here and feature the good stuff that happens. But this week has brought me to my knees at time with grief and sadness as to the events of not only the insurrection but the last two months since the election.

I've struggled to stay calm and centered. I've gone to my devotions and gratitude list in the morning and it's helped but I'm compelled these past few days to stay abreast of the news. This is one time I am not turning the tv off. I don't usually watch cable news. My mainstay is BBC America, BBC Worldwide and the PBS new hour. But they are not on my cable feed except for the evening hours.

I've made myself exercise. Weights, walks, yoga. It helps the fury I feel. We Leo's are generally good natured but when we see injustice against any one, steam comes out of our ears. You do not want to be around me when I'm in that mode. So I've kept away from most this week.

Luckily, I have friends to text with who are like minded and also suitors. Not client friends. I have those too and I'm most grateful that some of you have checked up on me. There hasn't been a lot of business and I've had a lot of time wasters and no shows for sessions. Twice lucky though, I had the biggest deposit from my clip store ever. And the stimulus check so both helped with business being so slow. My thanks to you here who have purchased them!

I've been doing updates on my own as my camera man went away for Christmas and was around less then careful people. We had to distance. Hopefully we can begin again this upcoming week and film new content for the clip store again next Friday. It's so much better when someone else is manning the camera I know!

I've had endless nights of bad dreams but I've just learned to either masturbate before I go to sleep or look at naughty stuff. And wear crystals that help dispel the awful dreams. I'm very happy to say they are still working. The one night I did not wear the Hematite I had a frightening nightmare. I can vividly remember I was so scared I could not even scream in the dream. I suspect I was really trying to do so in my sleep.

Yeah...I know what you are thinking. You are stressed Anneke. Yep...and so is everyone else so we all just have to accept our new way of living and be patient. But we do not have to accept insurrection and anarchy. This is America not a Banana Republic.

Some of you will probably disagree with me but it's time for change. I don't know if it will be better but I know what we had was not working. It's my hope and prayer that we can all set aside our political divisions and get back to what really matters. Good health, being safe and being able to make a living. And being able to sit down to drinks and/or dinner with friends, family and neighbors. And even more importantly......intimacy. With a real human being.

I'm thankful I have virtual but I'd sure love to feel the kiss of soft lips and fingers stroking me again. We will and this too shall pass.

It's still a good life. Just more challenging!

Love and Hugs,


Yesterday. If you've noticed I am watermarking my photos. Folks are using them to rip off guys all over the world so it's an attempt to stop that. However, this second photo is not....despite repeated tries to do so. Please do not share it on the internet.

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