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I Probably Need A Spanking * Pics

Hi My Sweet Friends,

Oops...I did it again. Sailed right past Wednesday without saying hi here. But when I can tell you why I've been so busy that I forgot I think you'll forgive me.

However....I can't...yet. I'm working on a major project, trying to create content very different from before and hope that I can launch soon. The fly in the ointment...I'm still in Twitter jail. Since October 13th. I think because I put a totally topless tweet up. Yep...the nipples were showing.

I find it amazing that the porn stars get away with just about anything but sex workers do not. Although my friend Violet says it's rolling and we're all sharing in this nonsense. Average time 21 days. I've lost 1000 followers in that time.

They block you from the search engines so people can't find you if they are looking for something specific. If you had my name...yes. Otherwise, I'm found through retreats and being noticed on others if someone is following me. So there is no point in announcing anything on Twitter until I'm out of jail. I will give you a'll be able to see me...all of me.

I had a FAB weekend of virtual. This week has been quiet on all fronts but I've had so much work to do it was not a bad thing. The clip store has picked up again with new updates, Violet and I, and a classic series with Buck, parts 1-4. The threesome with Will and Marvellee is still the top seller.

It's as if a lightbulb went on a few days ago and everything that was stuck got unstuck. I had a reading with Alexx last Sunday morning and he said, "Holy looks like you've come out from a dark karmic cloud. Things are looking really good." Everything he read was already moving into place and he did not know any of it. All the energy feels different and even more positive.

I say....thank you, thank you, thank you. Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Yes...I'll let YOU know when my launch is ready.

Last Monday..

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