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I Missed Wednesday This Week * Pics

Hello My Naughty Friends,

Nope, I do not know where my brain was this week. It was my birthday week and I kind of celebrated of the course of several days. I can't say I was busy but between filming two updates for social media and running to South Tampa twice that in itself takes a lot of time.

I DO remember that Tuesday morning I had a therapeutic massage with Reiki and the evening was totally given over to sensual pleasures after a luxurious dinner I prepared. Wowsa! I love it when passion and desire hold sway. And I was royally f----d! Well, I guess that took care of Tuesday.

Wednesday evening Sis and her recovering hubby took me to dinner for my birthday. I had read the restaurant's website and it said masks required. I was happy about that but when we entered not one server or one patron, aside from us and an Asian family entered with masks. Folks were crowded in the bar, maskless as the evening progressed. I could not wait to get out of there.

Florida's covid numbers are now surpassing this past January.

I'm sorry, I just don't get it. This ain't over folks. What in the world are you thinking? My vaccinated neighbor, who contracted Covid, passed away this week. "Nuff" said.

Monday and Thursday I filmed for social media...sans my camera man. And both turned out okay. But there's no doubt it's a better update with him. Pics below. If you want to see the videos, links to my Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages are right here at AnnekePleasures.

I'm still Keto-ing. I made that up. It's a lifestyle. And I've added more intermittent fasting. I fasted 3 days before my last photo shoot and it was amazed how good I felt and how clear my mind was. I've heard it before.

I was down a dress size and the proofs look great. I'll be sharing them this fall.

Not to worry, I like to eat too much to get to skin and bones. It will never happen! We all eat too much bad stuff in our American diet and Keto helps me keep a handle on that. Do I allow myself treats? Sure...just not everyday or too frequently.

Not much else new. My old neighbor gal pal is coming over for cocktails tonight and I"m sure we'll solve the problems of the world. I'm still available for Cam today and all weekend with notice. Just plan a bit ahead if you can. I am not sitting around in lingerie all day believe it or not. But if I can be available last minute...I'll accommodate you happily.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke sheer with ruffle trim...knee high platform boots.

Monday...blush teddy and matching chiffon overskirt.

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