I'm Through the Gauntlet * 2nd Vaccine Yesterday! * Pics

Hello My Naughty Boys,

It was cooler this morning but it's going to be a lovely afternoon...a high of 79. Now this is the proper weather for Florida in February. I'll take a walk later, when the pollen count's close to 10.

And that is the only medical concern. I had my second vaccine yesterday. It was even better run with shorter lines. I cannot say enough for the patience and the sweetness of the health care professionals and the guys in the National Guard. It makes you proud that there still are so many giving and kind people left in the world.

I took it easy yesterday and except for a few moments in the early evening when I felt....weighed down, I've had no problems. It's hard to explain but I felt my body working hard. My immune system was on duty! And then the skirmish was over! Really kind of amazing!

I still need to be diligent the next 30 days until I"m fully immune and then I"ll continue to wear a mask. How many folks do you know had the flu or a bad cold this year? I don't know any. It makes sense to me to continue masks and washing hands and staying a bit apart from folks out shopping during the flu and cold season. Health officials have been suggesting it for years. Well, maybe not the masks but the Asian countries have for years. .

I know folks in my community are getting vaccinated so it might not be long before we can get together casually without that little niggle of concern in the back of our minds.

We updated Monday and will again tomorrow for social media. Pics below. And will again Thursday. Friday I'm filming with the videographer...something more fetish oriented...think Strap on! Leather, etc.

Part 3 of What I"d Like to Do to You is up at . I learned some lessons about angles and posing from that one.

Twitter finally ended their latest shadow ban and I'm at 189K. I've been in the 188's since December. They've banned me 4 times...why? NO clue. I don't think they want a sex worker at 200K followers. That's just my guess. Porn stars are acceptable.

You can get paid for f-----g on camera but you'd better not get paid for f-----g. Privately.

I'll be sending out a newsletter soon about resumption of adventures, sessions and dates. You will also find what's needed to reserve any of those.

I'm heading out on an errand and then I'll be back close to home the rest of the day. I'm having problems initiating the Skype pay plug in so that I can begin offering sessions on Sky Private. My profile is all finished but I cannot move forward until the plug in is in place. Wish me luck! But I will still be available for virtual, phone, text on my own. Just send me a text or call. 518 258-0866

I hope to see you soon...virtually or in person. Thanks for all your support.

Love and Hugs,


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