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I'm late, I'm late....but I'm here now. Pics!

Hi My Friends,

CR-azy week but mostly good. I've been filming, both video and photo shoots and busy with only fans. But yesterday everything came to a screeching halt when I didn't want to get up and was exhausted when I did. THAT is my body telling me something's brewing. When I need more sleep.

Of course, we all think COVID. But mine was gastrointestinal and when I have one of those bouts it wipes me right out. I've learned to rest, cool my diet and wait for it to pass.

But I had a LIVE SESSION at scheduled for last evening at 8pm est. At 7pm I finally got out of my pj's and did my make up and hair. Just the thought of providing a live show for my followers rejuvenated me for the session. I wore a crotchless fishnet body suit, no bra, and a tiny thong that came off. Of course I showed ALL my ass-sets and played with my toys. After, a few privately thanked me and said they loved it. One, a former friend from Albany, sent a nice tip.

It's growing...slowly and I'm trying to figure out how to increase our little gang and the overall subscription rate. I am back up close to 400 and it's still my goal to be in the top 1% in a few months.

That will take LOTS more filming and consistent new content with new hotties. Two who have reached out to me this past week. I met one gorgeous young guy Tuesday night and "click." Smart and experienced filming with swingers. I was impressed and we're trying to schedule a shoot. Another younger body builder and I have been chatting. These days, it's really difficult for everyone's schedules to mesh as you all know. AND be safe. I'd also like to find a younger gal/gals to work with. But there seems to be such an attitude of competitiveness amongst women in the business. I'm asking the Universe to find me just the right folks! I see nothing but great things happening this year!

To back track, I had a great photo shoot with Aldo Antonio on Sunday. He is such a sweet, warm and first class individual. I adore him and hope you'll like the photos that result.

It's time for me to shower and get "done up." Something I do every single day since the pandemic started when I began doing more virtual/cam sessions. I need to be camera ready. (Between you and me...I love doing it.)

I still require a full day's notice to meet in person. It's hard to say no sometimes but I'd rather be safe then regret meeting someone in haste. Plus Andrea whispers in my eye...DO NOT!

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy every minute you are given. Life is precious and good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


For a private video for an OnlyFans friend. Not much underneath.

Heading to Tampa on a chilly day.

Update from last Monday

Sneak Peek of my photo shoot....unretouched.

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