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I'm Boosterized! New Photo Shoot Pics.

Hi My Naughty Boys,

I don't need to give you the weather report. It's the same from May to November. Hot and humid.

I did spend a few moments outside reshaping my topiary trees. I still have to finish the triple one. Monty Don would be rolling his eyes. Google the name if you don't know what I'm talking about. My orchids that bloomed early are getting ready to bloom again. I'm thrilled.

Hey, I told you I'm a domestic nerd. As well as a very naughty girl. One can be both!

So, I kicked around awaiting the "official" word for the booster and found out that folks were getting them anyway at CVS. So I lined up yesterday and got mine. I was very happy to see younger folks getting their jabs also. I think it's beginning to sink in that having to get the vaccine is the only wise thing to do right now. I feel absolutely fine. A little bit tired last night but that was it. I come from hearty stock!

Business seems to be slowly improving on all levels. Although I'm still doing battle with Clips4Sale and their new compliance requirements. Good ole Master Card at work here. All the adult sites are experiencing the same.

I renewed my ad at If you've never been there do. It's upscale and they actually offer great customer service. You can also find me at and #1863 Yes I'm still at TER but I don't hold much stock in that site any longer.

But on my side of things work wise all is well. Nice folks, great sessions and fun cam adventures.

I had a little scare this week with some folks trying to offering a cash buyout to my landlord for my place. We had set up a verbal extension of the lease but I quickly found out that was not the way to go. She has agreed to another year and first refusal to buy it next August in writing. If anyone would like an investment property with a great would like to be generous and buy it for me I'd be forever grateful. (Yeah, I know, that's pretty cheeky.) But I am saving my $$$'s.

Steve of finished the photos from my latest shoot and one is below. It was on Twitter also and I'm trying to use them sparingly. For professional use. I find selfies are best for here and you know they are not retouched. Although he did not do anything drastic with these. A little arm tuck and tummy made more flat. Two areas that are so hard to change. I refuse to spend thousands of dollars to change either in plastic surgery at this age. I y'am what I am.

Outside of a short cam session and a brief whack at my topiary I've been at the computer since I awakened. It's time for some yoga.

Is it cocktail time yet?

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...please do not refer to this journal blog info in other social media. This is for you, my friends, not the world.

A pic from the shoot and Monday's Update

Monday's Update

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