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I Love Saturdays! * Pics of course.

Hello My Sexy Friends,

Yes, it's hot here but believe it or not it was hotter in North Carolina where my daughter is the last few days. She's way up a mountain top and has no air and usually never needs it. The heat reached her anyway. Luckily, she has a waterfall in the backyard and she and Gus, my grand dog, took a cool off there.

The sad news is my sister-in-law is failing fast. My Sis is flying up tomorrow to give my brother a hand. He is overwhelmed and exhausted and finally acknowledged he needs help. She's not eating so it's probably not long.

Yes, I will head north when she passes to support him. He doesn't need two sisters right now and mine is retired. Although she certainly has her hands full at home, moving into a new home that needs some updating. She's tough so she'll juggle it all.

It's another reminder that life is fleeting and unpredictable. We'd best appreciate every day we have. And I most certainly do!

So Miami Exotica may have to be skipped. If you were hoping to see me there I'll keep you posted. Family first!

This week flew by. And I honestly can't think of all I achieved. I did work on my patio garden. I did film updates for social media and OF as well as added new photos to both. The new model cancelled the second time. I'd rather say he ghosted except he did answer me when I asked for confirmation. I also had a few cam sessions. Only Fans itself is very time consuming but I'm grateful for it!

I hit my lowest weight in years this week. I ordered a pizza last night so I'm not stepping on the scale until Monday. LOL

I've been enjoying redesigning around the new fireplaces, had cable reinstalled , (our neighborhood has a bulk rate)and brought my London friend to the airport for a flight home Tuesday. After I met two of my gal pals at the Columbia for dinner. Tuesday was a really nice day.

Myla and I filmed with my new producer yesterday late afternoon. It's definitely a dom/sub scene. And yes, Myla is a sub. It got very, very wet and was lots of fun! She begged to be strapped up to the St. Andrew's cross in my playroom. I was happy to do so.

I am supposed to have a dinner date with a gorgeous couple tonight. If it happens it will be a hot night.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to head to my nudist resort pool for some sun and socialization! I could drive my new golf cart over, it's legal to do so, but I'm not comfortable that it's really safe to do so on public back roads.

My golf cart, Lola 2 has been officially named on the rear bumper. Thanks K for the suggestion!

I'll probably take some pics after I'm dressed for dinner this evening and might just film something short. Until then, I'm washing windows and mirrors and keeping track of Anneke's world!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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