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I Didn't Forget You * Apple Had Me For The Day * Pics

Hi My Friends,

It's been beautiful this weekend. A bit cooler, drier, blue skies and lovely. I was going to join the neighboring nudist resort yesterday or today but life had other plans.

I've been having problems with my Iphone 11...same as before. Hours on the phone with Apple and then a generous gent sent me a Fed Ex envelope full of 100's and I marched down to the Apple store. After all day on the phone and the rigamarole of buying a new phone the journal had to wait.

But now I have the big daddy, The ProMax with 1000 gig so I should never have these memory problems again. Of course, I'll stay on top of cleaning out the videos and photos to my external hard drive. Even my new computer is getting filled up. Movies do that.

So I'm very grateful for the gift and it's going to make things are whole lot easier for me and the movies and pics will be an even higher quality.

I had a very old friend visit at noon and so I'll have to join my resort during the week. It's cool, we had a hot time.

It's right around the corner and doesn't discriminate against singles, young folks or green people. It's strictly a nudist resort although we all know there are swingers they just don't operate in public. And they are strict about that kind of behavior. Fine by me. I just want to relax, see old friends, many who have joined and there now, and enjoy the beautiful lake views.

They have a nice little restaurant with real meals and a bar with music if you want to dance. A nice pool and a beautiful jacuzzi. Some of the best clay tennis courts around if that's your gig. A little golf course, walking trails and all kinds of activities. It was time to do something different. My neighbors here in my courtyard all belong too. Folks are upset about how our resort has evolved into swingers looking down their noses at singles.

And that's about it. I'm doing some more painting, camming, seeing old friends and generally just enjoying myself.

Life is good! Let's have some fun if you are in Florida or ON camera if you are not.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Well, I guess my problems aren't over...I can't send my latest photos here through email. Sorry, stay tuned.

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