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I Almost Forgot! Pics

Hi Peeps,

It's absolutely freaking gorgeous weather right now in Florida. Cooler, less humidity and you can breath when you walk out the door.

I've decided to dedicate Sunday mornings to working on my patio garden now that it's cooler. I've almost completed all the repotting. A big step forward was last Sunday when my neighbor across my courtyard came over to help me with the huge Birds of Paradise. I just couldn't do it on my own. This morning I asked him to help me move a bedroom dresser so I could unhook my cable box.

He's married to a guy so don't be thinking naughty thoughts.

Yes, I went cableless. I was so tired of Spectrum and their lousy service and constantly increasing rates. My dilemma was I LOVE PBS and was a faithful watcher of BBC America and BBBC World News and the PBS newshour every night. It's the only thing that kept me from cancelling.

The good news is I'm able to watch all the newshour on YouTube. BBC...not the same...just little snippets. But since I've disconnected the cable I'm buying a new digital antenna with a 200 mile range for the bedroom tv. Hopefully I'll be able to get those favorite stations locally. I added Discovery + to streaming so now I have my HGTV. Screw Spectrum!!!

I even found I can watch all of Fareed Zakaria on Sunday on CNN online. (the only time I ever watch that channel. Or any other cable news outlet.)

So what have I been up to this week? Two social media updates. A personal one on one session...fetish..lots of fun and we even tried out the new Queening Chair in the playroom. Lots of cam sessions too. It's been busy also with the usual stuff of life.

I had a really hot cam session with a gorgeous young American guy of Mediterranean descent last evening. We spent 45 minutes teasing each other until I finally squirted all over my waterproof chair pad and he shot a big one from his big one. Great fun.

I have fun sessions with gentlemen from all over the world. Lucky me! And that was my goal when I entered the adult business. To meet and become friends with folks from all over the world. That's come true and continues to evolve.

While I'd love to travel again to England and Scotland, also Portugal, Spain and Italy in the future I have to be realistic. Covid is going to be around for a while and I'll have to see.

I'd also love to spend a week on some wonderful Caribbean destination. Maybe Aruba. Everyone seems to love the place. Even my little working trip to Chicago showed me we all need to get away occasionally. But we can't be frivolous while Covid still haunts and stalks us. And I need to save, save, save!

Later this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon I'm going to venture out to the International Mall, (our biggest and most prestigious) by the airport. I have two Nordstrom gift cards burning a hole in my purse. A very generous gent gifted these to me and while I'm not going to mention the amount they raised my eyebrows and said, "holy moses!"

Then I thought what will I used them for? First thought, Christmas gifts. But tonight I'm going to look for a new blazer. Maybe a camel's a hot fashion item this year but a basic. Or maybe a navy. Then I'm going to have an early dinner somewhere there or close by. There are lots of lovely restaurants in the area.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS..we're featuring Fun with Buck, parts 1-4...Classic Anneke blasts from the past and Part Two of Anneke and Violet, my crossdresser friend on

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