Hot, Hot, Hot! 102 Heat Index Today. It's Cool and Comfy Inside. Let's Heat It Up! Pics

Hello My Naughty Boys,

Yesterday hit all time high records for Tampa Bay. 110 heat index. Today was 102 last I looked but I think it was higher earlier.

Rhoda cleaned and I ran some errands, some shopping. If you haven't notice retail stores have considerably less inventory then they did before Covid. One of my go to places for decor was Home Goods. The pickings are slim now. It's a shame but if we'd make some of this stuff in the US I'd be willing to pay more.

I don't need much for the new place. A console cabinet for the living room tv and the components. I do not have the sound system hooked up yet. It's beyond my capabilities. I do not want an "entertainment center." I want something that looks like a piece of French furniture. I'll get someone to cut holes in the back for the wires and cables. I'm keeping my eye on Craig's list.

I've a few sessions this week but it is the last gasp for most families, vacation wise, even if it's stay cations. I've intended to be busy but reality is another thing. lol

A friend reminded me the postponed Kentucky Derby is this evening. Looks like I'll get to the races after all. Damn, all my hats are at my sisters. Oh wait, I have one fascinator. I'll have to put it on for old time's sake!

I'm almost done here at my new place and I couldn't be more pleased. When I'm "open for business" in person again I can't wait to give you a tour.

If you haven't. check out my YouTube channel, Anneke Van Buren. While it's not adult I do wear some sexy outfits. And take pics after I shoot the video. The tamer ones on are this journal. The xxx rates are in the my xxx member section here. I'm loving the new camera in the new phone.

Today's pics are one of the first outfits I ever purchased as a provider. Yep, 2003. I found it in the bin that was in the storage room with lots of other oldies but goodies. The best news was I could get into it.! But Trixie and Boom Boom are bigger now. I guess I have my Mom's genes. I just keep getting bigger in the bust. I've lost 35 pounds but lost very little there. Just around my back so I can wear the beautiful vintage lingerie I keep pulling out for videos and pics.

Not much else to share. Life is really good! And that's more than anyone could want.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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