July 25 Hot and Beautiful in Upstate NY * Saving My Hats * Pics

FYI ...All blog post from the beginning of July are moved from my old site thus the posted dates and date in titles are weird.

Hello My Naughty Boyfriends, It's a hot one today, 89, but the humidity is only 38%.  Piece of cake. What's with the hats comment?  I'm planning on being back in Upstate NY next summer if the track opens for a real season.  One with people in the grand stands, the back yard and the clubhouse.  Yes, the horses are running this year but there is no one watching except the people who work in the stables and the tv crew.   It's something to look forward to....Saratoga...2021!  I'll be there! Today,   I've been plugging away on my new website, calls with my webmistress and filming my YouTube/Twitter/Instagram Closet series vids.  Also taking pics of the outfit for Twitter. Well, how long could that possibly take you Anneke?  A while...because I take extra special care with makeup and hair to look my best for the camera and you.  NO,  I don't have my skin taped back. nor do I retouch these.  It's me and for some miraculous reason I haven't had Botox or any little "help" for over two years.   Oh, I can see little things, but there doesn't seem to be a huge change that matters.  One friend told me today that I looked radiant.  And I replied, "It's because I'm happy and grateful."  I've changed how I look at life and what I send out in my speech, thoughts and writings.  It comes back. I've also learned there really isn't any change we can affect in the political world until November.  It doesn't do any of us any good to get all riled up over who said or did what.  Pay attention but stay in the present.  Way less stress that way.  I am concerned about the state of things in Florida with the spread of Covid-19.  My brother in law's family is really upset that he is going to fly down to Florida to help me in the move and drive back with my sister.  I get it and two weeks ago I asked her if she might  consider not driving me down.  She is adamant she's going.  He is too.  I'm very glad for their support and help! I know I sound like a broken record about this but I believe we, individually, have a responsibility to help stop the spread of this disease no matter how badly some of our leaders have handled it.  The science is there and the proof that opening up too soon wasn't a good idea, has come to haunt us.  A little common sense and care for each other would have made such a difference. I think it's safe to say that from the 30th to August 2nd I will not be offering any type of session.  August 3rd I'll begin again.  Unless you want to sext when I'm not driving.  We'll take turns driving.  Forget phone or Skype.  While my Sis has always been supportive she's not going to want to listen.  LOL I'm not sure I'll be able to update the journal until August. Plus, the new website will be online soon so there will be glitches to iron out.  It's probably best just to email me if you see something that needs to be clarified. As most of you know, I sent a mailer out about this.  Your membership expires with the old site ending.  You may simply rejoin or you can send your old info to  and we will export it.  We can export the mailing list.  What's the difference?  The mailing list is just for notifications. Being a member allows you to access any xxx rated content.  It's not available to anyone who is not a member.  And yes, I will have a members section for pics and videos that actually works this time! It's going to be an exciting next 10 days and the rest of this year, in spite of Covid-19.  Glamorous black nightgown in the closet.

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