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Ho Ho Ho! Santa already visited * Pics

Hello My Sexy Friends,

My apologies for not getting my Saturday update to you. It was a family weekend from Friday to Sunday. And then after they left I had to play catch up and film.

I was my Sis's birthday and Friday night was dinner at Ruth's Chris...just lovely. Saturday we went shopping at the furniture consignment store and then got ready for a lux yacht cruise on the Hillsborough River for the Tampa Boat Parade. Pics below.

They left late Sunday so I had updates and filming to do Sunday. I have someone to help me with the logistics on Only Fans now so I'm in a learning mode on top of it all. Soon I'll be adding a VIP exclusive page and a free page. It all takes lots of time. No complaints here as all my hard works nets a bonus!

This afternoon I added a new reel, "Santa visits Anneke Van Buren" shot with the well hung Delivery Guy last week. Today I filmed an out an out fetish video, Myla handling the camera, (she's getting good at this), For those of you who are into BDsm, sounds, butt play, this is for you. If not...just skip it.

I'm feeling good, lots of energy and excited about the new plans ahead. Christmas Eve, family dinner and perhaps Christmas Day. My son and his wife never divorced nor have they lived together for a long time. She's terminal with brain cancer that has metastisized to the liver. I don't know if the granddaughters and their mates will join me Christmas Day yet. But if not, we'll get together when things are less difficult. They both live in St. Pete.

It's been downright chilly here. 47 this morning and will continue. Me...I don't mind. I love wearing sexy jeans and sweaters.

I had promised you a Christmas email and I think I'll catch you all up with the Adventures of Anneke after the 1st. A run down of 2022.

Life is good and I'm enjoying this happy holiday season. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for reading and following. Here's to an even lovelier 2023!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Before the Santa shoot! 12/13/2022.p

Thursday Update 12/15/2022

Tampa Boat Parade 12/17/2022

Pic from the Monday 12/19/22 Update

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