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Hit or Miss It Seems * Pics

Hi My Friends,

Lovely in Florida of course. I saw a cute quote this morning, "We in Florida know that fall has arrived because of the changing colors of the license plates."

How true. And now the gridlock begins. And add an even more acute housing shortage after Ian did a tune on Fort Myers all the way to Daytona. It's predicted that Florida will not see the big drop in housing prices. Oh it may go down a bit. But rental properties will big sky high, if not even higher due to the shortage.

My hope.......everyone from the colder climes stays there. It's crowded enough. And if you do move, don't expect Florida pizza and bagels to be as good as New York and there are NO dinners. Adapt. The rest of us have. Enjoy the fresh seafood, the sunshine and the more relaxed way of life. Please leave your hustle back north. We have enough of it here already. Tampa is young on the go, not full of Seniors like me. Except for the lifestyle communities. We're a force of our own!

It's no longer an inexpensive place to live thanks to all the migration. And here's something else to be aware of. Doctors here really don't want more Senior Citizens for patients. They have enough and there's a shortage of health care workers. There is a huge difference in the way you are treated here as a geriatric.

It's no longer an inexpensive place to live. What's the solution? Tighten your belt. Thanksfully SS gives us a almost 10% cost of living raise in January. That will help the 50% increase in my rent a tad. And now a car payment. So am I thinking of retiring now? I think not. LOL

Thankfully only fans is gaining subscribers and I am finally adding new followers at Twitter. I AM hoping that Musk will loosen the restrictions of the past. Even if we have to put up with certain politicians. He did say he wasn't going to allow a "hellstorm" however. One can hope.

So I posted a journal entry last week and once again Wix did NOT put it up. I had written that I was well on the way to recovery and I'm happy to say that I back to feeling great. I am going to a urologist to make sure nothing else is brewing.

I filmed last week with Myla and it's up on now. It's called XXX Hocus Pocus with a nod to Halloween. It's a hot and wet playtime with my sub Myla. I think you'd enjoy it if you get turned on by two hot gilf's going at it.

Tuesday last I filmed with a new model and it was hot, hot, hot. This gent is in shape, not an ounce of fat, ripped and he's not a kid. He showed up with a cop's uniform, masked and we took that and ran with it. He loves being pegged and the finale was him f------ me. My videographer caught it all and I should have the content next week. He's putting together an onlyfans too so it was his first foray into a real porn shoot. I think it will be stellar.

Yesterday I filmed again with another new model and it was his first time in front of the camera for a website also. 6'6" and good looking but you won't see his face. He plays with others all the time and often when he's with couples the husband films he and the wife. It's difficult doing Point of View in any kind of Duo without a videographer but I'm having it edited so I think you'll really enjoy this one too.

Tonight, I'm putting on my Halloween getup and heading to the club for the big party. I haven't been to one in 4-5 years. It used to be a Not To Be Missed Event. I'm hoping that will be true again. I can't even begin to describe the costumes people don at a nudist/lifestyle resort for Halloween. You would NEVER see these in public. I'll be in Fetish gear, big surprise and I'll post some pics/reels on Twitter and Instagram and maybe even YouTube.

I think it's going to be a blast!

I'm always looking for fans/friends to film with if you are interested. Criteria? In shape, nice equipment that can stay hard and cum and the ability to have fun and ad lib as we play.You don't have to be young but you DO have to be reasonably in shape. And shaved. You do not have to have your face in the video but you do have to provide 2 ID's and sign a model release. That info is kept very secure and discreet but it's the law. Oh and I love kissing and receiving. Fetish scenarios too.

I had given a thought of going to Chicago and my fav hotel the beginning of December but Diamond Jim, my porn webmaster says who lives there says don't. He says Chicago is not in a good place right now. That makes me sad. So gentlemen, I'll either be in residence north of Tampa or you can Fly Me To You. No, it's not a bargain as my time away from Tampa is valuable as our time together will be. I would be an adventure to remember forever. A once in a lifetime experience!

Details here on my website. See VIP Companion/Fly Me To You. And yes, I'll consider Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Not much else to report. Sis and I are having a girl's weekend this upcoming week but I still will be available. She goes shopping. And forget that thought that's going on in your head. She's not interested in playing. I haven't figured out what we're going to get into yet.

I am hosting Thanksgiving as usual this year. If you have no where to share a meal you are welcome IF we've met before. This year it will be a small group I think as Sis and hubby are going to Miami to be with his son and daughter in law and her family.

And remember, the day after, the place gets torn apart and I design it for Christmas. The Messiah on the surround sound, Christmas jazz, Mainheim Steamroller and Prosecco. Can't wait!

Life is good!

Your Once Again VERY Naughty Girfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Anneke and Myla

Monday Update

Tuesday Filming

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