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Hello Hotties,

I hope you've had a good week. Mine was a bit of catching up after being at my sister's in Ocala for 4 days. Her surgery, which will be two weeks ago this upcoming Monday was a success. She was out of the hospital that day and while she had a couple of really rough days after the nerve block wore off she's doing well now. The wound looked fabulous on Tuesday afternoon this week when I left. She still has a long road ahead but she's on a good route so far.

We are heading into the hot months now. 90's this week with the humidity heading upward. Unfortunately no rest for the allergies yet but I am going to an ENT who has to refer me to the allergist.

You know you are getting older when all you and your friends talk about are your ailments. At least that is the way it is where my sister lives. Lovely but typical suburban vanilla retirement community. Oh....and their pets.

Sorry, bored out of my gourd. My old friend Tony, the late husband of Lady Femina used to say, we have no hobbies in here...(our community) just sex. And it's true. Just sit around the living rooms and kitchens here and it's a much different type of conversation. Of course, we don't think anything about it. It's our norm. We just have to remind ourselves to behave out in the general public.

I had a playdate Saturday morning before I headed up there but it was a bit off. After the fireworks the first time you know when you don't quite connect. I am not blaming myself. Sometimes, these things happen. We haven't stayed in touch hardly at all after. Oh well.


So after I drove up to Sis's....back Tuesday late afternoon and back into the thick of creating and uploading content for It's in a holding pattern. Not jumping back up but not nose diving either.

I do need technical help but it's next to impossible to find folks who are dependable and consistent. Even when you pay them. So, I will have to learn all the ropes myself.

A fuu fetish session Friday morning with a new sub. Although, I met him years ago at our resort bar. I recognized him when he walked in the door. He'd almost forgotten until I reminded him. He says he'd like to return.

That evening I filmed a contracted video with a local guy who is hugely successful on his only fans. Younger, HUGE dick. Ripped and very fit. The client wanted a hot blow job scene and that's what he got. My partner brought the latest in equipment and we filmed it with cameras on tripods syncronized with the latest lighting. He edited it promptly and I received it last evening. If you head to my twitter page you'll see my retweet of his preview. I can't put them up directly....I get in trouble there. Double standard for porn stars and sex workers. Although it will be interesting to see what Elon's new head does with Twitter. I doubt it will be more opened minded.

I just bought my all access pass for Fet Con August 10-13 in St. Pete. The Hilton, where it's held, is already sold out. The Hampton In is $400 a night with fees and taxes. It's a small fun show but I think I'll pass on staying in St. Pete. I'm downplaying my bdsm services and just alluding to fetish ones in my advertising and new website. Hopefully, it will be finished and up within the next week or so.

So...YES...I'll still offer fetish encounters as well as GFE and PSE. I'm not having a separate page on my website any longer. Strap on play, prostate massage, light bondage, role play, age play, cbt, cross dressing, etc is still part of my kinky repertoire. I love variety! You'll find those scenarios on only fans and my clip store also. Let's enjoy them in person.

I still LOVE turning on all the special lighting, only a very few candles now. Choosing the music and getting everything ready as well as dressing in my finest lingerie or attire. It's get ME all aroused and ready. A warm kiss to greet you and you are the center of my world for an hour or more for hatever we choose to share.

Not much else except my son and daughter will be coming down for the internment and memorial service for my daughter-in-law at the VA cemetery in Pinellas the beginning of June. It will be great to see my children and we will pay my respects to her family and my granddaughters but I'm not overly excited about the rest. Some traditions must be adhered to in a civil society even though she and I were never close.

I MAY go to the club tonight. I have a few hot new outfits to show off. Oh, you'll see them eventually.

Next weekend I'll be in Orlando, close to Disney, Saturday and Sunday evenings, returning Monday morning. I'm going to Epcot Sunday and my playmate is giving me the tour as he works there. I LOVE Disney and especially Epcot. It's still their Flower Show period. It should be a fun time and dining at the French restaurant Sunday evening will be yummy!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke's some extra pics since I missed last Saturday's update. I could have skipped the playdate to do this but...........nah!

From The Sluts in Red....a new reel with Myla now on only fans.

Mixing up a Madras.'ll find this on YouTube....that link is on my website here.

Just hanging around the house.

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