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Hello from sometimes Sunny Florida. Pics

Hi Peeps,

It's chilly, 50's gray and rainy today. We had a couple of warmer days this week but I'm going to have to cover the orchids again tonight. I know, I know, it's -6 in Upstate NY this morning. I have NO reason to bitch.

Busy, busy week and I'm finding Wednesdays are no longer a great day to update the journal. So I'm going back to a Saturday update. But it's being less and less read so I'm a little discouraged at making the effort.

It's just not titillating enough. The everyday Anneke is too boring. Even though my day to day life is not. I'm filming for only fans, the clip store, social media, doing cam sessions, live streaming at OF and meeting friends in person.

The later was a really fun week for me. Two really fab guys and the second a contender for the January Thunder Boomer of the month award. He was bound and determine to bring pleasure my way. Affectionate, loving, attentive AND skilled. As he left I said, "I should have given YOU the donation." This gent could give classes in cunnilingus!

Speaking of that, Jim just uploaded a new vid at "Drink My Cum" . Another who is an excellent pussy pleasurer. It's from my trip to Chicago last October.

Thursday evening I hosted another Live Streaming session at We had a good turnout and I tried out a new glass dildo for my viewers. I totally drenched my waterproof pad and I know there were a lot of other gushers on the other side of the camera.

NEXT WEEK I'll be hosting it Thursday January 27th at noon, 12pm eastern standard time for my fans across the pond and those that prefer to watch during the day. It will alternate times each week. Thursday night had one fan from Croatia and at least one from the UK. Yes, they had to stay up late to join in. It's fun and very, very.......naughty.

I'm still deciding upon my final pics from Aldo's shoot. Tuesday evening I have a porn shoot with a local producer for two hand job sessions. I'll also be able to have a copy of the content.

Lots to do today so I'll bye for now. Be looking for me here next SATURDAY instead.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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