Happy St. Patrick's Day to All My Irish Friends! Slainte! Pics

Hello Boys,

It's so gorgeous this morning that I walked early. 70..but higher humidty, 84%. With a breeze it was comfortable.

I'm thinking the partying is well under way in Ireland and around the world. The club here at our resort had their's Saturday evening. Since I'm no longer a member I don't know what happened. In the past I would not have missed it for the world. Things change and it's okay.

I have a liquor store stop on my errands list today. I just might buy a small bottle of Jameson's. One of my neighborhood friends loves it. Any excuse right? I'll make a small toast this evening to all the good times I've had amidst the Irish. And there were many! I still have fond memories of all my happier times in Dublin!

We updated for social media Monday and in leather like attire. The juicier pic will be at my xxx member section. We'll do so again tomorrow. But this will be the last week that I'm going to be updating this blog twice weekly. Instead of Wednesday's and Saturday's I'll do a Thursday update. Analytics say visits to this site are their highest at 2pm on Thursdays. So Thursdays it will be.

The nature of this whole "game" is variety. If you are a sex worker in any area of the business you should know and expect that over time folks will lose interest and go on to newer gals. Our tastes change as we get older. I know mine have so it's time for me to think of newer and more creative ways to keep in touch with my friends/fans while adding new interests in my own life.

I'll still send a newsletter update from time to time.

Anneke is a big part of who I am. She's never been a different person but there are hobbies and interests that I have personally that you could give a rat's a-- about. lol You'd rather hear about the juicier bits and I totally get it. A year of Covid has sure changed that and it still will impact how we all live our social lives going forward. I think I can do that once a week and still get a rise out of you. can always send me a personal email to and say..."how the hell are you girl?" You know I'll give you the straight skinny!

Yes, I'll still film for and post when or you can always check yourself. I'll still be active on Twitter, all day, every day. Remember, You Tube and Instagram also.

I'd like to "date" again...not just get my rocks off with virtual or in person sessions. But it won't be with client-friends. That back fired on me in the last relationship. And I won't be writing about it here if I do. Unless it''s something really naughty. No more stars in the eyes, in love updates. You'll never know.

That's it! I'm going to get "transformed" and head out for errands. I might even have lunch out. I'll be available for virtual, phone or text later in the afternoon and evening today if you need a little jump start to your day. In person.....ya gotta arrange in advance my darlings!

I think a combo of business and personal naughtiness is going to be just fine for non-monogamous me. I'm already planning how I'm going to achieve those goals!

Life IS good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday in leather.

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