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Happy New Year Peeps! * Hello 2022 * Pics

Hello My Friends,

It's a gorgeous day in Florida. 60, with 90% humidity as I sat on my patio and did my gratitude list this morning. As the sun warms us the dew point drops and it will be a lovely time to the take a walk.

It was a quiet New Year as most of mine have been. I prepared a lovely meal for myself and opened a bottle of Prosecco. While I stayed up to greet midnight and the new year I did not watch "the ball drop." I read a book in bed and listened to the fireworks outside.

It's been a good week since. Although I really didn't want to take my Christmas decorations and trees down I knew it was time. I have a photo shoot with Aldo this Sunday and friends this week. As I gently removed each ornament I remembered when I collected it and where. That brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

It took all day but I replayed the Messiah on my new sound system and a fabulous Tony Bennett Christmas CD that I had not listened to over the holidays. His voice, impeccable styling and Dave Parker's piano just made my spirit soar. Kind of bittersweet as he has advanced Azheimer's now. The miracle is he awakens to his old self when he performs his sets. Truly amazing. If you haven't seen his concert with Lady Gaga last year you should!

I was tired that evening from all the work, lugging the trees down, cleaning and stowing all away in the storage room. But the next morning the place looked fantastic and I was happy I'd done this. Now my home looks fresh and new for the new year!

I have to proclaim a winner in The Thunderboomer of the Month award. Actually in several months. An old friend stopped by yesterday morning and he just LOVES going down. It takes a long time and skill to coax one of those huge ones from me but he succeeded in just about blowing the top of my head off and curling my toes!

While I have less intense O's all the time these are the ones that are probably the most like what men experience when they orgasm. What is sad is that some women never have that same fantastic experience in their lives. Who knows why? But, I for one, surely relish and appreciate them when they occur! Fireworks!

Only Fans is chugging along...still keeping the same number of fans and seeing them renew. I'm at the top of 3.7% of all creators this morning. That is excellent but my goal is to reach the top 1%. Maybe there's less of a market for sexy grannies but that's not what I'm hearing from my loyal fans. I'll keep trying to create new and fun ways to excite and titillate my audience, I promise you! When a fan tells me he cums to my content every single day.....I smile!

If YOU are a member at thank you and remember LIVE STREAMING TONIGHT, January 5th at 8-8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Let's see what kind of naughtiness we can get into! It's explicit and fun!

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and Gilf,


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