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Happy Holidays My Friends! YOU Are a Blessing to Me. Pics.

Hello My Dear Ones,

It was shocking to open my front door this morning to 46! My poor orchids can't be happy but my Christmas cactus loves it and is ready to break out in blooms. Happily next week is forecasted as delightfully comfortable!

I have been so busy lately and that is a blessing in itself. I spent a few hours Saturday with John, my videographer. We shot a couple of solo vids and then worked on editing the previous Wednesday's shoot with Violet and MD.

Then, I realized that my not being able to access past content with my old computer wasn't going to happen. So I went to the new one. The old, is a non-supported Windows 7...the new Windows 10. I found a whole bunch of videos that I can use at #OnlyFans .

It's slowed down a bit, holding steady at my being at 3.3% of creators. I'll take it and it's the holidays. I fully expect it will go increase more after the season. It's been great fun, challenging on many fronts and profitable for me. The best part at 9.99 a month it's a great value. You can access everything that is there with out any additional cost. And believe's VERY naughty. You'll see it all!

Yes, some tip as a thank you for a video or pics they enjoyed. Some contract for private pics and videos too. BUT you cannot make appointments there or refer to the provider Anneke there. Big no no. As George Carlin once said, 'It's legal to have sex but it's illegal to pay for it." I miss him!!

Twitter is really putting the hammer down and I've been flagged for tweets that were acceptable a week ago. Watch out folks....the moral police, led by banks, master card for one, are censoring content and denying adult workers, especially SW's, in any theater, access to their credit line . It's been happening step by step each year...especially this one.

I'll figure out a way to get around it....I always do and I continue to be optomistic about my business going forward.

On a very happy note, my neighborhood tech guy came by Sunday and installed my new big tv and the new 5.1 sound system. I am so in heaven whether it's listening to my favorite tunes, watching streaming content or movies. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this Universe!

I'm heading to The Villages and my Sister's tomorrow for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. She's a fabulous cook and baker and I'm sure I'll have to drop a couple of pounds when I return. It's is too short to deny yourself a little treat once in a while. Plus, it's so relaxing there. Her home is on one of kazillion golf courses there with a view of the sunrise. It's fabulous to watch the sun come up with your morning coffee or tea.

It's really been lovely having family close by. I've spent many a holiday alone these past years since I became single. Add the lessened social opportunites during Covid and it's wonderful to be in a safe and loving environment.

And that is my wish for you this week. To have a blessed, safe and wonderful holiday weekend for you and those you love!

Love and Hugs,


Just a little fun shoot with some sparkling stuff yesterday. Merry Christmas!

One of the new photos from my latest photo shoot!

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