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Happy Easter and Passover * Pics

Hi Loves,

I'm crossing my fingers Wix doesn't lose this post This is the second. ARGH!!

It's been a mixed week. Last weekend was fun with my sexy house guest. We went to the pool and the club after Wrestlemania each night. He is a huge fan. Me....I watched. It was fun and Ilearned but it's not something that I'd watch on my own. However, I've also learned a lot of friends are fans and love it. Sunday night he performed at Karoke and then headed back to Orlando.

Monday I filmed my update, had a nail appointment Tuesday that I almost forgot and Tuesday evening I made the mistake of sitting on my patio for cocktails with my upstairs neighbor. The pollen count is still high and I paid for it by Tuesday evening. Wednesday I felt just like I had a cold and was exhausted.

I plodded through the week, doing updates, filming, etc. Thank the heavens for over the counter allergy medicine and mucinex. I was exhausted because it affects my asthma. Thankfully, finally today, I have some energy and was able to work out, prep for dinner tomorrow and do the usual things of life. But I wear a mask when I go outside.

Bottom line? Time for a trip to an allergist. This has ruined many days of this year since January. It certainly is not the most appealing thing to be blowing your nose and hacking either. lol

Otherwise, life is good. As my sis says, we ignore our arthritis pain and keep going.

The Grannie Anneke and step-grandson Conor Coxxx is up at and it seems to be a hit even though it is not edited at all. And the numbers are inching up. If Twitter would stop shadow banning me I know it would be fantastic. Clips4sale did really well in March also.

The really good news is that my original 37K followers at Instagram account was reinstated.

I'm thinking of adding another similar site, Fansly, or something like that. If I could find one that would take pre-paid credit cards from the subscribers a lot more folks could join. Doesn't happen at Onlyfans. I don't know about Clips4Sale.

So what's the Easter menu this year?

Friends and my Sis are bringing appetizers.

I asked everyone to bring Prosecco and what they are drinking.

Baked ham with current sauce. It's a spicy mix of OJ, fresh ginger, mustard, red pepper flakes, honey, etc. It's a baste for the ham and a sauce to serve.

Spring mix salad, with fresh strawberries, shallots, yellow cherry tomatoes, bacon, feta and a home made strawberry vinagrette.

Ruth's Chris copycat au gratin potato recipe

Roast asparagus and garlic with toasted almonds

Corn bread and cheese biscuits.

Friends and Sis are bringing a rum cake and carrot cake.

I tell you, I honestly don't know how families can afford to buy groceries. What this dinner and having a house guest set me back is a shock when I check out. Every week the prices go up.

Still, I don't begrudge spending that money for my friends and guests. It's a loving gift in my eyes.

My best wishes for a blessed Passover and Easter season.

Love and Hugs,


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