Grateful For Each and Every Day * Pics

Good Morning My Friends,

I've had my was 56 this morning...61 when I headed out the door. The sky is a crisp, clear blue, a breeze chilling the temp further. Absolutely lovely.

But I walked with a heavy heart. We've all been so concerned about Covid in this mostly Baby Boomer community that I was shocked to hear that one of our loveliest folks was killed in a rear ended crash yesterday. Her husband survived and is in the hospital but will be home soon. The driver that hit them was drunk. They were close to being home.

The day of the accident was their one year wedding anniversary. They had driven outside our gate for a take out meal to celebrate. She was a bright light and will be sorely missed. Our community will give him the love and support he will surely need.

It only reinforces how precious life is and that each and every day we are given is a gift. I am grateful for that gift. Truly!

My neighborhood friend who is helping with the video updates came over around noon earlier. The vids and photos are done. And here a couple of pic and be sure to look in the xxx section if you are a member for more.

My neighbor from my old building and I are getting together tonight for filets, mushrooms, salad and of course martinis. In times like these we all need each other here. The good news is that there are many friends who are being so cautious that being able to get together...even from 8 feet apart is safe. We all need that socialization. I know I do. Is good for me. Just know that I am well, healthy and grateful to all of you for your support in myriad ways.

Life is good!

Love and Hugs,


Pics from Monday's Garden video and shoot.

Wednesday the 18th Update....Bandage Lingerie

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