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Goodbye 2022 * Hello 2023 * Happy New Year * Pics

Hello My Friends,

How cool! This last journal post is the last day of 2022. It's been a great year for me but it sure ended in a fiasco with the terrible weather nationwide. I feel so badly for my fellow Upstate New Yorker's in Buffalo.

It was down to 28 here and I had to cover all my plants for two nights. Even then, some didn't make it. Small potatoes compared to the suffering of our northern neighbors. Time to head to the garden center for new ones.

I spent Christmas weekend with my sister and her husband. And yes, I know I did not do an update. I'm sure you understand why.

Christmas was kind of mixed. My daughter's beloved pup passed away in the late night of Christmas Eve Day. He'd been her light in dark times and his passing was awful. I loved him and we both cried together when she called me that Saturday morning. It cast a pall on the weekend but thankfully I drove to my sister's and lots of love. She has a dog and two cats so she got it.

I brought all the fixing for Christmas Eve dinner. She prefers roast chicken to turkey so that was the star. We love to cook together and it's fun.

Christmas morning was opening presents and they gave me a new microwave for my kitchen. Then it was back to her kitchen to get ready for Christmas dinner for their friends. She'd made a big pan of lasagna and we filled in around that with salad, fresh homemade bread, homemade cookies and lemon bars. It was great to be surrounded with friendly folks!

I headed back Monday morning to film that afternoon. I'd filmed a bdsm session the week before but was still in need of new content. I am adding a free OnlyFans page soon so stay tuned for the details. Of course, it will cost you more then the subscription page but you may pick and choose what you want to pay for. Down the road a VIP page and also a Exclusively Yours page for a very special few financially fit gentlemen. Details to follow about that also.''

My daughter in law is in her final days and I'm expecting a call or text anytime. This is very hard for my granddaughters. It seems the holidays is a tough time for many. I lost my Dad this time of year with a wake on Christmas Day night. And that is the circle of life. A reminder once again to embrace every moment that we have here.

I'm heading to our club tonight with neighbors. I've been taking photos of the three outfits I was considering to wear and you'll see them below. I'm opting for the first outfit without the panty hose underneath. Just sheer me all the way to the floor. After all this is a clothing option community. I'll still probably be over dressed. Most seem to visit here to find another couple to f--k and don't spend any time in the club. They head straight to the playrooms or the conversation pool. no. I like to know who I'm with and play safe. But that's their choice. I'll be dancing tonight and toasting the arrival of 2023 with a glass of something.

Tomorrow I'm preparing dinner for my neighbor and a friend. Two seasoned ladies whom I love. Roast pork and sauerkraut, green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread of course, black eyed peas and homemade cherry crumble pie. Can't wait!

We got together Easter this last year also and I'm hoping we don't have a return of the invited guest that showed up for that dinner. You might think I'm nuts but we had a poltergeist that kept throwing our silverware on the floor. After the second time I knew something was up and saged the house. It took two tries to get it to leave. As fortune would have it Alexx was texting me at the same time. The second try he said to add a black candle and scoot it out the door. It worked. We all looked at each other astounded. It probably came in with one of them because my home is happy.

So tthis afternoon I saged my home again and burned a list stating the things I

wanted to put behind me and made of list of my intentions for the new year.

2022 was a very good year for me in many ways. I am very grateful! So here's to a very Happy New Year and a much better 2023. For you and yours.

Love and Kisses,


Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Rest in Peace Gussie

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