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Good Friday Morning * Pics

Hi Everybody,

I'm updating the journal/blog a day earlier. My Sis is coming for the weekend and I expect we'll be hither and yon most of it.

It was a busy week just doing the ordinary things of life. Working out, errands and such. A scheduled film shoot was rescheduled to next week. My partner in crime awakened with a sore throat and congestion. Luckily a negative covid test but I don't want what he has so a new addition to Anneke's Oral Adventures will take place next week.

Later today my newest reel, "Serve and Protect" will be up at This is when Officer Lust, new model Remmington Steele investigates a noise complaint. The pics are great and I can't wait for your to see the video.

Diamond Jim is out of town so it will probably be next week before Myla and I or Protect is added to at Clips4Sale.

I also did a short reel on Monday. Thursday turned out too busy to update social media.

Last evening was dinner at Ocean Prime with my UK long time friend. I'm abstaining from alcohol until Nov. 14 and a six month physical. I'm trying to get rid of belly fat. It's working.

So it was okay for me to drive. The only reservation we could get was earlier but that meant it was quiet and we could actually hear one another. It's a very popular Tampa destination so you really have to reserve well in advance to get a later time.

The stone crabs and the atmosphere and service were excellent and I hadn't had them in almost 2 years. Divine!

I'm cutting this shorter, Sis is coming early, which I didn't expect so I need to get a workout in.

Some pics for you today and well wishes for a relaxing and happy weekend for you and yours.

Life is good! I feel great.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Halloween and our community golf cart parade

A little peek of Protect and Serve

Monday Update...

Dinner Attire/Ocean Prime

Florida Stone Crabs, cold with mustard, mayo and honey sauce.

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