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Good Evening Friends!

It's January 9th and I know I missed the Saturday update. Saturday and Sunday I took down all the Christmas decorations, reorganized them, put them away in my garage storage room and then began a little redesign of my apartment. Yes.......I love it all!!

My social life here where I live has gotten busier too. I'm making new friends of old acquaintances. If that makes sense. I'm making an attempt to get to know all my neighbors. Some maybe not well but at know who they are. It's easy to stay buried in my job and my comfy home. Thankfully, having my sister 90 miles north pulls me out of my cocoon.

Myla has been helping me with the filming more. My new consultant has been pushing me to do more to bring attention to my Instagram, added Tinder and Hinge, encouraged me to take a break from Twitter too. Why am I going on dating sites. It's strictly to send them to Instagram for more information and to network with other Creators on Instagram to boost the OnlyFans numbers. Twitter is a mess right now.

We're hoping to reset Twitter's algorithm's that has me shadow banned......again, by being briefly absent. So lots going on and I'm being pushed into unknown territory where I've either been unwilling to go and ignorant to know to explore.

It's a good thing having to learn new things in life. Statistics have shown it helps stem the tide of aging in your brain. That and socializing more for Seniors. And, I am one. We all took a beating in that arena during Covid and I found it hard to come out of that continuous isolation. Stuck in a rut.

Thankfully camming helped and then having to learn a whole new way of expanding my business with OnlyFans also. I HAD to film and if you want to keep it fresh and exciting you HAVE to bring in new talent. Which means, I had to meet new people. Some who became or are becoming new friends.

I'm a Leo as you know. We're vain and never met a mirror we didn't like. But being in this business behooves me to try and be my very best as I'm aging. I've learned and heard from many of you that the number matters not.

We filmed today. A lovely returning fan from OF. He's a very shy, sweet gentleman and Myla and I adore his sweet disposition. I love filming with respectful fans. Not all are when they ask so I politely screen them out. I've never understood why some men think they have to right to treat adult entertainers crudely. I think perhaps it's because they are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they have some guilty feelings about being attracted to a sensual woman who IS comfortable in her skin. Who knows? Dr. Anneke doesn't always have it correct!

I was supposed to fly out and back this week for an FMTY but a little medical issue beset my new boyfriend with no strings. Hopefully, we can reschedule at a future date. I was able to keep those deposits, airfare, hotel $ for our future use. Now that is a gentleman!

I've met some wonderful people over the years. In fact most. The not so wonderful I won't meet. And if you are like I am...your instincts tell you rather quickly who they are. And of Andrea. She's still whispering in my ear. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, she's my guardian angel. That in itself is a whole update.

Sadly, my daughter in law passed last week but my granddaughter's seem to be handling it well. The memorial will be June 8th. Her ashes will be put next to her son's/my grandson's grave. RIP B. Another friend of mine's lovely wife passed a couple of days after. It was a tough December and entry into the New Year but somehow I found peace through it all.

I've been listening to Eckhart Tolle author of "The Power of Now" and he has been a tremendous inspiration.

Life is very good!

Still, your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke xoxo daughter got a new pup. A 6 week old yellow lab named Winston Augustus Sage Whittier. Or Winnie for short.

Augustus was Gussie who just passed. Sage was her yellow lab before him. She said the cats were too boring and didn't fill the gap of lost puppy love.

Friday's shoot at Myla's pad.

Today's Update for Social Media and Only Fans.

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