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Updated: Feb 7

Hello My Darling Boys,

Imagine, I live in Tampa...just a few miles north of the stadium and this ought to be my busiest weekend in ages. BUT it can't be. Our enemy Covid is still around. Yep...lots of girls are going to be working but I can't. I'm only halfway to immunity and one more week to go to my second vaccination. My resumption of "adventures" is still March 30th and going forward.

I am having a Super Bowl party. Two of my older lady friends are coming over. We all practice social distancing, wear masks but we'll still sit 8-10 feet apart. Luckily I can open the slider tomorrow for fresh air. There's something wrong about watching the Super Bowl by yourself as I've done it lots of years. It's not a lot of fun. One of my neighbors invited me to his yearly party but he has 12 people. I said sorry, I cannot.

Keto is not going to be mentioned tomorrow evening. LOL We are going to drink and eat!!

Of course I'm rooting for Tampa. What kind of Tampanian would I be if I did not? Plus, when I first moved to Tampa in 2002 I lived in South Tampa, then out by TPA. It's in my blood.

Believe me there are many times over the years that I regreted leaving my "on Tampa Bay" apartment and moving to the nudist resort. It has been great fun to live in the resort but it was a business killer. I had over flow business in that darling apartment. 1500 square feet, a fireplace, close to the airport, discreet and just lovely. The city of Tampa is a fun place.

We make some poor choices in life but honestly, you can't go back. You can only learn from your mistakes. And I've made plenty of them. We all have. You must leave that baggage behind because you can't change the past. nor predict the future. It's a waste of energy to do either but we all keep trying. lol

I had a good week thanks to the clip store sales. Virtual...not so much. So I'm thankful that I have more than one stream of income.

Friday, yesterday, my camera man came over for the short social media update. After he left I set my equipment up for Part 2 of What I'd Like To Do To You, (if I could get you alone) series.

I began wearing that sexy suit below but my imaginary you and I stripped and we played together. Me, all the while urging you to be naughtier.'s very steamy and Trevor, my new dildo entered the honey pot. I have more in store for he and you in the next update, Part 3.

I'm not sure when it's coming out...we've been waiting 10 days to 2 weeks to release new content. It's kind of up to Diamond Jim. He's been doing a stellar job and I sure wish we lived near each other.

I would tour Chicago every 3 months primarily to film with his direction, partners and often he as Lenny. We had a lot of fun. Good times. Now, I do it myself and send the videos via dropbox.

I've had a lot of interest in filming with new partners so I think I'll be able to bring you some hot real boy/girl content once it's safe to film. The folks I've spoken to have all said they would test. Unlike most porn, we will use condoms. When we test before for STD's and do not use them it gives my client friends ideas. So, now I will be using them for intercourse.

I am also going to "test the waters" with some strap on play vids. There are many of you who love it but are fearful to admit it. Or even prostate massage. That's one of my specialities and both may become part of what happens on Annekexposed. There will be enough variety that you can pick and choose if that's not your thing.

I actually love using a strap on. I did before I became a provider. I bought my first one from The Todd in 2002 at the request of a tall, hunky gorgeous young Swede. Who would of thought? While we never got to use it, it launched me to venture into the world of Sensual Domination. Long before I even knew that was what it was called or I had realized that I myself was naturally dominant.

Lady Femina and her consort helped me realize that potential. While she and I no longer work together and he has passed I still am thankful for their mentoring and her modeling. She is a genius when it comes to mental domination. Unfortunately not in the biz these days. I miss him and feel him around me from time to time.

On a nerdy note, my patios are painted and all my plants are back in their happy home. It makes me thrilled to look out my sliders at the beauty that is in front of me. I love sitting outside with a cocktail and a good read. It will begin to be warm enough in the mornings to have tea first thing after awakening there. Sadly, no coffee these days. It and I just don't agree any longer. But the good side of that is I feel great without it.

There's not a lot else going on but I do want to alert you Twitter followers here that someone with the name @NordstrumAnneke has stolen my photos, links, etc and is going after my followers, claiming to be MY fan page. Whomever it is does NOT have my permission and I've reported them. It happens all over the internet so please if you see an ad with MY photo...outside of Eros, Tryst, P411, Slixa or Mature Sensual it is NOT ME. Report them and let me know.

If in doubt, and the name is different, right click on the photo and do a Google photo search. It sure won't be their name, it will be ME. These folks are expert at scamming unsuspecting guys out of their money. Leading them down a rosy path of relationship promises, etc. That is not my style and it's unethical in my opinion.

I've always tried to be an ethical provider. Some might say that is an oxymoron but I know better. We're still a necessary service in this hypocritical world. I'm proud of what I offer and I'm thankful for YOU!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Well suited...white sexy suit, bustier, Louboutin nude heels.

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