Getting Ready for the Holidays in a New Fashion * Pics

Hello My Friends,

It was 70 this morning when I stepped on my patio. Unfortunately, it was also very humid. It felt clammy so I turned around and went inside to have my quiet time.

Yesterday the retail bug grabbed me. I have such a huge living room/kitchen/dining area that my old skinny Christmas tree was going to look lost. I decided I'd look for a bigger, fuller, flocked tree. I found a pretty one at a bargain price. You know how I love decorating for the holidays!

Since we're all going to be reconsidering how we meet people this holiday season I felt this was something for me. I'm still having Thanksgiving dinner but very scaled down and outside. I will have to rescind my general invitation for you for are alone however. NEXT year!

The new moon is tonight and I looked for a guided meditation and ritual. I've been using for a few months now. I find it thoughtful, easy to follow and cleansing when I use it.

Now....let me stop there and reveal something I observed this week. For most of the week I've had some gent texting me endlessly his thoughts on positive thinking, how to be better along with all kinds of offers for money, gifts and meeting him.

Frankly, it annoyed me. Why? Because that kind of over the top pursuing is most always the hallmark of a controller. I spent several months with a woman's support group in Ft. Lauderdale

after I left my ex. Yes, he was one of those. I was in a group of about 15, depending on who made it each week of women in the same situation as I had been. The first thing our fabulous counselor tried to impart was that we were people of value. We worked diligently on establishing some measure of self esteem.

I know, you are thinking...what? You? Anneke had no or little self esteem? That is what years of abuse does to you. Obviously, I gained it back and have become empowered. But it took lots of hard work and three different forms of counseling to get me there. However, I will say this, becoming an escort taught me empowerment more than anything I've ever done.

You either learn how to set boundaries in this business or you'll find yourself hating what you done. The possibility of drug and alcohol abuse to cope with that is high. Why I've learned is only to offer what I enjoy. Thankfully, as a nudist, erstwhile swinger and generally kinky person that's a long list.

So, this morning, after his morning text and offer of a Rolex, then a donation to my favorite charity despite my warnings to stop....I blocked him.

That small group in 1999 taught me to recognize that kind of person. And if I don't get it quickly, Andrea is whispering in my ear.....hey...dummy, he's a controller! I end most every gratitude list with a thank you to Andrea and my spirit guides for protecting and watching over what I do and say. Sometimes, THAT'S annoying! I'm really kidding here. I am most grateful they do!

However, after having said all that I realized that maybe YOU feel the same way about my sharing my journey in trying to become a better person and my advice about how to do so. If I have, I apologize. I probably won't stop though. It's brought me peace and joy and I always wish the best for my friends. It's not to control you.....ever.

It's been an odd week with the storm rolling in and all the physical work of clearing the patio. Thursday I hosed it all down, walls, ceilings, lintels, patio tiles. Friday, I hauled it all back out. I pay a price for lugging and lifting. But yoga comes to my rescue. That and an ice pack. I'm ready to get back to weights today!

Of course, I'll have my hair and makeup all done IF you want to play on camera. One fab thing about sexting and phone sessions....I don't have to look perfect. I can just be naughty sending even naughtier texts during our time. It's turned out to be great fun also.

There are three new YouTube updates and a new vid for Jim still has not loaded last week's but I think it might be best to resume with a few new ones in a row. I'll keep you posted. It was short, funny and very wet.

I tend to take a more relaxed approach to the weekends now. No filming or pics. I get sick of looking at myself. I hope you do not!

Life is good!

Your very naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF, oh and Cammer!



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