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Getting All Dolled Up * Photo Shoot A Success * Pics

Hi My Friends,

I do not know where this week went! I realized yesterday morning I had not done an update. It's been interesting watching the stats on readership for this journal. Not terrific but I think the SEO's are off. That can make a huge difference.

Don't know what that is? Search Engine Optimizaion Those little bots from Google scan all our stuff and are very picky about the words that describe your site. Plus, they keep changing what they like all the time. You can hire someone to stay on top of that but it's about $300 a month.

So the Florida weather has returned to hotter and more humid again the last few days. Still, cooler than summer, thankfully. I'm headed to The Villages and a day long excursion with my sister and her husband. We're going to the town of Mount Dora and later on a pontoon lake cruise. I'm a bit concerned as part of it is on a bus and you know how I feel about that. But I'll bring my mask and trust the Universe to keep me away from anyone who might be sick.

I bought myself a Christmas gift of a new 55 inch tv on cyber Monday and a new home theater system. Since it's looking like we might all have to be spending more time at home again it seemed like a good idea. Plus, I DO love a great sound system for my music. As a former musician it's very important to me.

Thankfully there is a guy in our community who installs all this stuff. Since my Son isn't here to do all this usually, he is. And he's going to move the old TV into my bedroom. I dumped the cable a couple of months ago and am strictly streaming now. I've adjusted to life without cable.

Things are still rolling along at Only Fans. I'm staying about the same member wise and I'm thankful for that. I'm up to 3% of creators and it's still my goal to get to 1%. But's going to be difficult as it seems Twitter has put me on a permanent shadow ban. That means I can't add new members and I'm blocked on their search engines. If you follow me there, retwitting my posts will help. They don't ban yours and maybe more folks can see that I am on Only Fans now. I can't figure out why...I've tried everything so it is what it is. Sooner or later it will end but I have heard that ALL social media is censoring anyone in adult work. Or anything they feel like. I'm heading some mumblings that maybe this can change.

Wake up folks...our freedoms are slowly eroding and we're going backwards. And it's not about mandates and masks. We are in a worldwide health emergency and I don't know why that is even a consideration to not comply. But I know there's no changing the minds of those persuasions.

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the coolest gal. Her name is Chelsea, young, tiny, black, driving a hot mustang convertible and stepping out of her car, stylin'. We had a great time and she kept saying...we have the same taste. I should have the proofs soon and I'll share when I can.

I had really knuckled down on Keto the past couple of weeks and then fasted the day before. It helps getting that tummy of minr a little smaller. That and more exercise. It's amazing how you can adapt to not eating as much over time. And it sure was fabulous to look great in the outfits I chose for the camera! There are 3 sexy ensembles, a cut out and sheer black knit jumpsuit, a beautiful gown slit right up to my hip, and long leather pencil skirt with a to die for black leather vest and gray fox trim and 3 in lingerie.

One generous friend I've never met had given me a very substantial Nordstrum gift card and another a gift card to that beautiful lingerie company Honey Birdette, from Australia. Between those, Amazon gift cards and black Friday sales I added a fabulous wardrobe for not much out of pocket. I added my full length mink over one of the lingerie sets. Another gift years ago. If you don't remember or never heard this story I'll relate how I received that gorgeous coat next time.

I'm blessed, busy....happy....and most grateful for what life brings. It's very good!

Forgive my lateness in posting...I'm having too much fun!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Mondays Update...lingerie from Playful Promises in the UK. Peeking out, earrings my daughter brought back from Nepal.

Thursday's Update...sheer and sequined cocktail dress...from Fashion Nova, three years ago.

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