Finally filming boy/girl again! Pics

Hello My Friends,

Gorgeous weather here. It's 86 right now but the humidity is only 42%. That makes a big difference!

I've had an interesting week. I finished the interior redesign job last week and she seemed very happy with the results. And then immediately moved stuff off the repurposed bench cum coffee table. LOL

Just not used to having any accessories within arms reach in the house even though their daughter is 10. That's why there are interior design consultants. Some folks just don't have that eye. But as I spent time with her explaining what other options she had she started to use her eye. You just have to do it! I was proud of her!

I'd love to do this more often as it satisfies a need to be more creative in an artful way. But I'll not advertise. Hopefully some of her friends might like what I did.

I bumped up my Tryst ad to premier and just renewed my Eros ad. I've gotten more follow up from Tryst. It's easier for guys to use and it's certainly provider friendly. Real service unlike Eros taking your money and giving you a hard time. Still,,,I'm grateful for both. It all helps in the search engines for people to find me.

I've mentioned that I had a male friend that worked with me for threesome, bi and cuckold requests. He reached out to see if I had resumed and we arranged for him to come over and take new pics of him. They'll be up on my new website but they are available for you if you are interested.

The light bulb went on in my head and I asked if he was open to film. Yes he said!! Yes, vaccinated and in the health profession as well as a stable individual. So, we had fun having a little mutual oral playtime point of view. What does that mean? One of us holds the camera. At one point it went on the tripod so you can see him feasting on me. Yep.l..things go wet.

I sent it on to Jim and it should be up sometime next week. He's also open to helping me film more and filming me with others. While his availability is somewhat limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday during the day if we plan ahead naughty things can happen.

I'll let you know when it's available at I did take some "preview" pics to use on the site and one will be below.

I've had calls for encounters and some virtual sessions. I was off for a year. People are just realizing I'm back. Since I'm going to be VERY selective and VERY low volume I'm not concerned about business resuming. It will happen when it should. I really am learning toward more dinner date/upscale encounters with nice people.

I haven't heard much about LE here in Tampa but I'm fairly certain one called last Saturday morning. He used the hotel phone, had to see me in a hurry, money should motivate me right? and was furious I wouldn't cancel a nail appt., drop everything and rush down to Tampa. I hung up on him. He didn't need to screen, he was a surgeon, blah, blah, blah.

As soon as I hung up Andrea whispered in my ear.." you do know that was a cop." Yep. Everything fit. Thank you Andrea and thank you intuition. It's never wrong.

New York City has decided they are not going to prosecute the girls in my profession. Now pay attention boys. Only the pimps, street walkers AND the guys who pay for sex. In other words, they will be going after YOU now instead of us. That is the Swedish model, France, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Canada's situation. Which means, now the guys don't want to give any screening information. So...if you are going to NYC or anywhere, ALWAYS SCREEN THE GIRL! Take that extra 5 or 10 minutes and search her name/number/website on Google.

If she's legit there will be a trail. If No matter how hot she looks.

Not much else new...I'm inching down in tenths of ounces toward my goal but it's going in the right direction thankfully. My shoot is now two weeks away and I certainly can hang in there to have a Cheetoh until after. lol I am being so good but it's such hard work!

That's all I below. Things are doing well, I'm healthy and happy and getting satisfied. And that's all I'm going to say about that. You can use your imagination. lol

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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Tuesday Preview Pics for

Tuesday shoot for Xposed.

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