Did You Ever Lose A Day Or Two? Pics of course.

Hello My Friends,

It was a lovely day today and at 4ish I took a long walk. Cooler, so in workout gear and my walking sandals. The day had slipped by me, like sand through fingers on a beach.

I lost track of time. And I fell asleep on the couch watching PBS News Hour. Not even through my one and only martini.

I've been reprising BBC's Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch. I viewed the whole series years ago and it's like brand new for me. I just don't remember all of old movies I've seen or books I've read. It's been like that all my life so I can't blame it on old age. It's like brand new!

I think it's just too many other and varied memories jostling for attention in the little grey cells. Although I've read we only use 10% of our brain capacity. I think I just have a lazy brain.

Anyhow, the first time I viewed the NEW Sherlock Holmes I hated it. Jeremy Brett on BBC was my all time favorite. Remember, I mentioned that my preferences seem to have changed this last year? Now, I love this Sherlock but Jeremy still holds my number one Sherlock spot.

I've read the complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur several times over many decades and I never tire of the character. And Mystery Theater on PBS has been a mainstay for years. I'm predictable in many areas but not all.

I find myself viewing Nova, Nature and other new topics now. That never was true. So in my older years, I'm interested in new topics of life and living. I think that's a good thing.

I've even taken to listening to Classic and Alternative Rock in my car when Smooth Jazz was always my favorite. Puddle of Mudd's "Control" is a favorite. For obvious reasons.

Or maybe I'm just plain bored with watching and reading the same ole. I think being cooped up is the cause.

Whatever it is I know I'm still anxious for my second jab, (and using every positive tool in my kit) not to be. I really want to go back to providing.

But this week has taken a turn for the better, biz wise. One reason why I forgot to do this update earlier.

I was a hot, hot session from a former virtual acquaintance from Upstate NY. Good looking! BIG cock and a VERY naughty boy. God......I miss very naughty boys in person!!

We did an update for Social Media below. And tomorrow is on the docket for another. And that's it for this week. We're going to 2 a week. Next week I'll film again for Exposed.

I'm having a slight Internet burnout the last couple of days so I've lessened my exposure. But that doesn't mean my libido has waned.

My next pellet is March 1 so it's going to be more amazing. PLEASE call or text or cam!

I'm having trouble with the whole addition. Adding the plug in for Skype to pay to cam is proving to be a frustrating challenge. Everything else is set...except for the plug in. . ARGH!! I foresee a chat session with a Skyprivate assistant tomorrow.

Still, you can go direct with me. We don't have to wait on them. We can still log into Skype, anneke33548 and Face Time, 518 258-0866. Always great. I do appreciate it when you plan ahead!


Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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