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Good Morning Luvs!

It was 77 when I went out on my patio this morning. And overcast. After I watered the plants and had my coffee I went for a walk. Until the air started to get heavier.

I haven't jumped on this 10,000 steps per day band wagon. I'd rather walk a few days a week, interspersed with yoga and weight training. That combo seems to work best for me.

I'm still doing "jillian's" diet but it's a battle. Although I am down a couple of pounds. At this stage of my life I am not going to eat nothing and exercise non stop. That's obsessive and I can think of more fun things to do. *wink, wink*

Business is up and down. Great some days, absent others. I asked and Andrea said, "Get off your butt and start doing little videos again each day." I listened.

It seems to be helping drive more virtual business. Phone and text too. In person...nah. Guys just can't or won't plan ahead. I must. It's the only way I'll feel responsible returning to one on one adventures at this time. The covid numbers aren't going down...just the opposite. Enough of that! We're all sick of talking about it but we have to hang in there. Wear the mask! lol

This afternoon a handy neighbor is helping me mount the St. Andrew's cross and hang the French mirror. We made a Home Depot run the other day. As well as a trip to Todd's, our Tampa best adult store, for his Halloween costume. They were very strict about how many could be in the store at one time. I, for one, appreciate that!

Now all I need is folks to handcuff to the cross. I have some great leather cuffs.

This is a shortie today. With some pics from the last few days of shooting. The new tripod I ordered with a phone holder clip is useless. the clip won't stretch out far enough for the Iphone 11. However, the tripod is really sturdy so I was able to find just the clip on Amazon and it looks like it will open wide enough. That will be a huge help. Plus it has a remote to turn the phone on and off.

Fingers crossed.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and Gilf,


PS..the naughty versions are on the xxx member section.

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