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Cooler in Florida * Pics

Hello My Friends,

The temps are inching downwards in the mornings. It was only 77 when I popped outside for tea and my gratitude list time. The humidity....still 97% but at least I could take a breath. Along with a little breeze it was lovely.

Of course I always take a little check in of my patio gardens. They are such a sense of pleasure for me. Especially my orchids!

I finally finished my taxes...phew. It took forever because we couldn't get my printer to work. My Sis sent me a new one and that did not either until I called HP. The call center was in the Phillipines and this lovely man patiently walked me through the whole process. Everyone I've ever spoken to from that country seem so nice. It's a whole lot easier working from printed copies then the statements on the computer screen. They went to my accountant yesterday.

In between all this I filmed two updates for social media, each having a very naughty version for Also daily pics.

Last evening I had scheduled another shoot with my videographer and the new model Daddy10inchFL. He got stuck on the Clearwater bridge in a traffic jam from an accident. There's no way to get off a bridge so he had to cancel. Hopefully we reschedule Monday or Tuesday evening.

Instead, we did a hot solo with a huge black dildo. Yep....things got very wet!

It will be edited over the weekend and I'll have it Monday night.

Clips4sale is chugging along. It's not a huge money maker but some prefer buying individual clips rather then subscribing to OnlyFans. OF is the best bargain but not for everyone. It certainly chews up my efforts keeping it up to date. But whatever I professionally film for OF goes to Clips4sale too. Or a really good selfie solo.

I've been trying to stay on a more regular workout schedule so now that the mornings are cooler walking is more doable. I'm just going back to weights after my tumble at Fetish Com.

I have a little jaunt to Ft. Lauderdale Sept. 15-17. I've been invited to attend a Fetish Party hosted by one of Madame Caramel's associates in Florida. Madame is a famous British black domina with a facility with excellently marketing everything she touches. I was hoping to meet her but a trip to London seems to be the only way that will happen. The party is Friday night so I decided to head down a day early. I know I'll visit some of my favorite haunts. Yes, I'll be available but only by pre-booking and a deposit. Sissies/slaves/subs may attend with me. The door fee is $100 for you. Call or email me for the details is this interests you. It will be hosted at a Lauderdale dungeon/play space.

If you didn't know I lived in the Lauderdale area from 1994 to 2001. From 99 onward I was divorced. It was a fabulous place but frustrating when you are poor and I surely was. I actually inquired into an escort agency but they convinced me you had to be 26 and younger. Inexperienced me believed them then. Luckily, I figured it out later that my market was a unique niche and a career was born in Tampa. I often wonder where life would have taken me if I started earlier. But you can't coulda, woulda, shoulda with life.

I'm thankful for the journey I've taken. Like everyone else there have been some detours and some bumps in the road but those are life's lessons not yet learned and they shape us all.

I do NOT think I'm going to make the journey to Albany and back. It exhausts me thinking about it and the expense will be high with no guarantee of a good return. I do not need that now. I may head up to western North Carolina to see my daughter this fall but that is undetermined yet. I will let you know about that.

I am available for Fly Me To You. Details are at this website. It's funny because I came up with that term on my website years before it surfaced in the industry. Now everyone offers that.

I'm getting rid of things around the house this morning now that the taxes are done. It's time to purge!

Then, I might head to the pool for an hour or so. I'm seriously thinking of rejoining our own resort facility also. I have two closets of slut wear I miss wearing out. Not allowed at the family nudist resort.

Life is good! Enjoy this wonderful weekend!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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