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By the skin of our teeth * 31 this morning. Pics

Hello My Darling Boys,

Yes, Florida is COLD! I've had the orchids in now for several days but last evening I had to group the more tender plants and cover them. One of my pair of gigantic white bird of paradise does not look happy this morning. They are too tall to cover.

The forecast is for 40's in the morning for the next few days but not frost/freeze. The Florida strawberries certainly were at risk. In my humble opinion, they aren't worth eating anyway. Absolutely tasteless. The produce that is grown in this state is awful. But if I've never said, I basically grew up on a truck garden farm in Upstate NY. My dad had 10 acres of land, much of which my uncle farmed along with his land and he sold to the farmer's market. My cousin J started a little road side stand when she was 12 and it is still in business to this day. Rather famous in the Colonie area of Albany.

Yep...I was out in the fields helping my cousins, hoe, weed and pick the crops. We all carried a salt shaker in our pockets and would stop and have a wonderfully delicious tomato as a little break and snack, right off the vine. If we wanted sweet corn for dinner we went down to the field and picked it fresh.

Perhaps now you understand my love of gardening. Here in Florida it's tough to grow vegetables in pots. I don't have enough daily sunlight in the orientation of my patios.

But I wasn't gardening this week. I was filming porn or at least trying to!

It was a very busy week, more cam sessions, lots of cumming on camera on both sides and filming for a private producer on Tuesday. It was an interesting experience and I found myself with butterflies in my stomach before I went to the shoot. I hadn't filmed with anyone outside my own productions in years.

The producers had a nice set up with sparse, but modern furnishings. They wanted two hand job scenes. Yes...that was it. You have no idea how difficult it was for me staying to that script. All I wanted to do was dive in between their legs and give them an Anneke blow job.

But I followed directions and both models came splendidly. One was 33, big dick, big cummer. The other barely 21, very slender, small to average penis and he looked about 12. It was a Grandmother jerks off her granddaughter's boyfriend scene. The cute thing about this is the younger one was attracted and connected. A young kinkster in the making and it wound up being a little bit of domination. I have the content and $$$'s so I'm pleased/ The one producer says he wants to get me back in.

I'm game!

Through him I finally found someone who does SEO work. She reached out to me immediately and then became ill with Covid. So it will be a little bit longer before she can totally assess what needs to be done. She says she can help! It's exactly what my biz needs.

Thursday an old friend from the NYC area was in town and we arranged to meet. Uber dropped him off and he arrived with 4 bottles of good champagne. I'd prepared an antipasto platter and between playtimes we sipped and feasted and caught up. Great fun! NO...we did not drink all 4 bottles. lol

It's particularly lovely for me when beloved old friends come calling again. It's sort of a naughty old home week.

Between all that, doing my updates for social media, filming for onlyfans I've been busy. Sadly, my Wednesday scheduled hottie for my filming showed up but balked at signing the compliance forms. And yes...he'd been fully apprised of what was necessary well in advance. I "understandedly" showed him the door. But my videographer was already booked and present. Ouch.

I paid him but he gracefully suggested we use that for a future shoot. It's SO hard trying to find talent in the first place but this happens to everyone in the business. I honestly did not think this one would do goes on!

Lots of cam and we did our Live Streaming session at noon, Thursday, the 27th. We had a nice group and I was able to save the session and add it to my page. VERY naughty!! I've found they love the Anneke story time when I relate my raunchy escapades in my personal and profession life. NO names of course.

So that's the week and I can honestly say I'm no longer bored since I added OnlyFans. It seems that good energy flowing has encompassed my whole life and I'm very, very thankful.

I'll share a very cute story. I had posted on that I was looking for "younger, big dicked, in shape" models. One subscriber wrote back to me and said he was a Senior. Eager to fly here. He sent his photos and his ID...and he was 80. Swear to the heavens. Oh, dilemma, how do I help him realize that the requests are for the older woman and the younger man. Some how I think I did it sweetly. After all I'm no spring chicken myself. But he understood and took it well. I say....good for him! I hope, when I'm 80 I'll still be wanting to have fun and look decent on camera. No donuts for me!

Love you all! Life IS good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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