Belated Update * Pics

Hello My Naughty Friends,

Yes...everything is okay. I've had a huge project to work on the past few days and this update just left my brain. So today's is short and I'll write more Wednesday.

The weather has been cooler and windy so it's warm clothes when I go out for my walk. Christmas day looks like frost in the mornings up north. When it says 36 in Tampa it's time for me to either cover my plants and bring some in.

My beloved Christmas cactus is on it's way to blooming and I'd be crushed if the buds froze. I've been trying to think how old it is. My mom passed in 2001 and the cuttings were from my sister who got them from her. This summer I gave my sister a new plant from mine as her cat decided to sit in the middle of hers.

She did test positive for Covid last week and was very ill but did not require hospitalization I'm so happy to say. She is on the mend and told me the flu she had early this year was really worse.

Still that doesn't make me want to run out and start seeing clients soon. I'll wait until after the vaccines and the numbers declining before I make the decision. I am older than she but generally in better health. Still...

We did not film Friday for as I have a boo boo on the side of my nose from a visit to the dermatologist last Tuesday. Today it's an ugly scab so I think we've have to forgo it again. Nothing cancerous..but my Dr. checked me from stem to stern and went nuts with her freezing. lol

I LOVE her! I've been seeing her since 2003 and while she's out of my health insurance plan and it's a higher co-pay it's worth it to me. She is sweet, takes her time, knows what I do and we've formed a friendship over the years. is filming for social media updates only. If you notice we're filming at a bit of a sideways's vanity. There is still a new clip coming sometime this week.

Biz is slow and I understand why....but if you can find some time...let's. It would be my opportunity to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and Gilf,


Today...for social media. Check the xxx section too boys.

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