Beautiful, hot, sunny and real Florida weather.

Hi Peeps!

It's 81 now and shooting up. My eyes popped open at 5:30 am and it was obvious I wasn't going back to sleep. At 6 I gave up trying and got up. I wasn't groggy or tired so after my nice hot cup of Earl Gray I went for an early morning walk.

I've resisted doing that because the pollen count is the highest in the morning and it was 11.6 today...very high. I have asthma and I try and avoid going out in the pollen dust. But I've realized I have to stop babying myself and get up and do it in the mornings...early...and it was 70 when I set out. Perfect. By the time I returned home the pollen was getting to me. Soon, it will be too hot to walk any time other than in the mornings and I do love the walking. Time to woman up!

It's such a lovely community. Big old live oaks, palm trees, lots of mature tropical vegetation and by our alligator inhabited back lake the cypress trees dip their knees into the waters edge and spanish moss hangs down. It's beautiful and peaceful.

If you walk all the way around once, go into each cul de sac and neighborhood it's over 2 miles. In the mornings every one else is out there also. Walking, on bicycles, recumbent bikes and running. It's inspiring to see so many trying to stay fit and healthy!

This is the Florida that people don't see. The view most get is busy highways with endless shopping centers on flat, boring, dry land. It takes a trip into the older neighborhoods and along the back roads to see it's unique beauty. It's not Upstate NY but it has it's own charm. So don't judge Florida from the way it looks on the Interstates. Ugly.

By the beaches it can be breathtakingly beautiful. And crowded. The traffic is heavy now as the snowbirds are still here. Right after Easter and before tax time they make a mass exodus. You don't want to be heading north on I-75 then.

I've had a busy and good week. We did film for on Wednesday. A first for me. My videographer capturing me in a Virtual session while I was recording what my playmate and I were doing on Facetime. It's going to be interesting to see how Jim synchs the two. I do know it was hot and he came 3 times in the 11 minute clip. Yep....a very talented young man! I'll let you know when it goes up on Exposed.

I received my stimulus deposit this week and with business on the upswing the last couple of weeks the bank account is starting to look a lot better. Thank you to those who have contributed to the rising balance.

My new webmistress is working on right now. The new and improved version. She said a first draft will be ready to preview this weekend. I can't wait!

I also have booked a photo shoot with Aldo Antonio in West Palm Beach in May. Of course, we'll add those pics to the new site. He is great, so reasonable and very professional. I've followed his work for years and also watched him get better and better! It's going to be fun to work with him! Super excited about this also.

So....good things are happening and I see me coming out of this past most challenging year of Covid. We're not out of the woods yet folks so please don't let you guard down and get lazy about wearing a mask and distancing. Something we'll have to do for some time yet I'm afraid.

I'm heading to the hair salon today to go a lighter highlighted blonde. Monday it's nails and Tuesday afternoon I have an appointment to tour a new gym. My insurance provider has a fantastic wellness program and they will cover the cost of the monthly membership. They have a quasi mask requirement. Within 6 feet you have to wear one. Me....I'll just keep mine on.

I know other states would not begin to allow it but this is Governor Dumbsantis's Florida. I would not even consider it if I hadn't been vaccinated. Still I'll be masked and wipe everything down when I use it. It's time to get back to better workouts. I want to be looking the best I can for this next photo shoot. And better my own health.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Wednesday wardrobe...Annekexposed shoot. The xxxx stuff is on the member section.

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