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Beautiful Day! Pics

It's an almost perfect day here in Florida. I started this update this morning but Wix decided there was an error and wiped all I'd written.

I gave up and got cleaned up and went out to run some errands and have some lunch out. I was going to the nudist resort but it's clouding over now.

It was a good week. Busy with some old friends and a new friend. My old friend from my NYC touring days arrived yesterday with not one or two, but 4 bottles of Cliquot and Moet. I'm not a day drinker but who was I to not join in? He had two bottles himself. That he could function was amazing. Me...? 3 glasses of bubbly was one too many and I took a nap after he left. lol

No cocktails last night for me.'s been a great week. I'm going to take a few moments this afternoon and take some selfies for OnlyFans or whatever. It's been a huge help to have a phone with so much memory that I can film/snap whatever I want. And the quality is fabulous.

Sis and Hubby are coming for their belated Easter dinner tomorrow. I haven't seen her in a few weeks and they haven't been here in much longer.

She had made an offer on a home west of Ocala but it's fallen through. The agreed upon offer was higher than the appraisal and the appraiser would not budge. The owner was put out and insisted my Sis put up the difference in cash. You don't tell my sister what to do. She's walked away. And you think I'm pig headed? LOL

We are sad that my beloved cousin J, who was my buddy growing up and then we reunited when I lived in Albany, is gravely ill. If you saw her when she was younger, even in her older years, she would remind you of Elizabeth Taylor. It seems people our age are starting to leave this planet. Which is a reminder to enjoy each and every day that we are given. While sad about J, it will be a nice day to sit outside and catch up tomorrow. Be thankful for your family and your circle of friends!

And that's about it. If I have a moment's complaint, and I rarely do, I think and pray for Ukraine and the folks in Afghanistan and J. I am very blessed to be safe. Let's not take it for granted my friends because....

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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