July 8th Beautiful Day in Upstate NY * Rounding Things Up Here. Pics.

Good Wednesday Afternoon My Naughty Boys, It's 80 and 73% humidity.  Those numbers combined make it uncomfortable to walk but today's a yoga day anyway.   I've spent my day so far getting organized. working on Twitter, doing my gratitude list, make up and hair of course but no sessions yet.  They seems do follow a pattern of somewhat quiet and then everyone calls at the same time.  For those of you who scoff at astrology, I'm pretty certain what the planets are up to has a lot to do with it.  I no longer get concerned if I have a quiet day.  They are fewer all the time.  As covid continues to increase in many states some guys are realizing that maybe virtual is a smarter alternative for a while. What I know will happen is that it will become part of the normal for playtimes.  And for many reasons beyond safety.  For me, that's a very good thing.   I'm excited about heading back south to start a new adventure in my life.  I'd be less then honest if I said I wasn't concerned about traveling.  But Sis and I are bringing snacks, masks, gloves, sanitizers and staying at a reputable and safe hotel chain on the way back.  Plus we're bringing our own pillows! We'll eat a drive throughs and stay out of restaurants.   Omce we're through that gate in Land O Lakes we'll be able to relax.  I think it's going to be a good time for us to get closer and use our singing voices again as we bop down 95.  We both love to sing.  Richmond and JAX are our only nights over. It's a push for two older broads who both have had hip surgeries but one can drive while the other stretches out.  I'm sure we'll stop and stretch often. The furniture is going slowly but it's okay.  I need something to sit and sleep on until July 29th so things are getting sold as need be. That sofa IS going sooner or later.  It's too nice for someone to pass up a good buy in like new condition.  Lake Anneke did not decorate that beautiful couch! Not much else new.  I have a couple of Dr. appts. tomorrow.  Yearly stuff and I'll bid a sad adieu to my physicians here.  Hopefully  I can find the same quality in Florida.  It's not an easy task but I will. I'm heartsick about my state.  I see the stupidity of the governor and I want to weep. He purposely is not publishing hospital admissions and current statistics.  He refuses to issue a state wide mask order or encourage social distancing.  Disney is re-opening this weekend for heaven's sake. But you can't blame it all on him.  People have to take individual responsibility too and they are also part of the reason Florida had another 11,000 cases yesterday alone. I'm astounded when I see someone on the news saying it's against their rights to be made to wear a mask.  How about MY rights to stay healthy?  How about helping to stop the spread of the virus?   So, I'll be back to isolation in my home in Florida except for necessities.  Moving is going to be a challenge with the movers lugging my furniture out.  Hopefully they will wear masks.  I have enough sanitizer to spray down half of Florida so I'm not worrying about that.  I'll only be able to see you virtually there.  Like before.  But... Life is still good.    Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF, Yesterday for Scrounging in the Closet Update Video.  If you don't follow me on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram I tell the story of the shoes. 7 inches. A cross dresser friend left them behind. I cannot stand up in them.  Bless the strippers and porn stars who can. I fall down!

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