Back in the Saddle * March 15 * Sky Private Available Now * Pics

Hello My Friends,

It's 64 right now with sporadic showers. We need the rain but those who live for being outdoors on the weekends might not appreciate it. It doesn't matter to me.

My back is almost healed....completely. So, tomorrow, when the sun is out I'll take a shorter, easier walk after I stretch well. This afternoon I'm going to do a light yoga session. I'll ease back into my regular exercise routine.

A lot of the week was quiet biz wise but I felt the turn of the corner around mid-week. Things are going to pick up and Thursday and especially Friday were proof. The energy has shifted and I'm excited about what is around that corner.

I had my first Sky Private session yesterday with a gent from the UK. I love the Brits. They are SO kinky and funny. The minutes flew by and it was kind of fun watching the $'s add up if I thought to look.

I have a couple of errands to run and then I need to be back for a Whole Foods delivery. It's such a blessing and a great service for me. Then yoga. Well, actually, I did do some of my yoga poses as part of my rehab. That's probably another reason I healed fast is that I'm more flexible with yoga to begin with. But not like my yoga teaching daughter. I can't begin to do the poses she does.

And that's about it. Updates next week and a video for Exposed the end of the week. Sales were still up for February. Just a tiny bit but it's the right direction!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Pics from Thursday's update.

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