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Back in the Saddle. Lots happening. Pics

Hello My Darling Boys,

Suffice to say my head has been somewhere else lately. This poor journal and you have been neglected. My apologies and I should be able to get back into the swing of a regular routine.

Family concerns, my Sis, my daughter and then my old faithful Altima blew up this past Monday. At 200,000 miles it had been limping along and I was trying to decide to repair it further, even after I spent $500 for new tires and an alignment. Bad decision that one.

So, the Universe decided for me. Some afternoons, I take a little jaunt to Home Goods or my favorite consignment store. Or maybe the grocery store. Just to get out and about. Oh, sure I can take a walk here but sometimes I just want to get beyond our gate. Monday I decided to visit Home Goods as I have new used couches in my living room and I'm doing a redesign......again. I noticed some noise on the way down, but it stopped.

I shopped and when I came out to start the car, the whole thing shuddered, banged and shut off. Oh said "OH.....s..." I threw a rod. Whatever it was, it wasn't going anywhere so I brought up Uber and soon I was on my way home.

I went online to take a look at what was out there in used cards. It sure isn't/wasn't a good time to have to buy a car. They know they have you hooked. I contacted the same dealer I'd purchased the Altima from and was soon chatting online. Within minutes a sales person called me and we agreed he'd pick me up the next day.

Buying a new car is worse than going to the dentist in my opinion. He picked me up at 12:30 pm and I finally returned home with my "new" car at 7pm. It's an SUV, a Nissan Rogue. Pristine, 33,700 miles. I got hosed for sure with the trade in and the market. But....I have a car that is safe and bigger. The way some folks drive since the pandemic is frightening. I no longer wanted to be in a smaller, sports car like vehicle. Especially men in their huge pick up trucks. Total testosterone on the highway.

So it's done and now I have a car payment. And higher rent. But at least my income has increased on all levels and I can do this. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I've had some fantastic friends visiting since my last update here. Nice guys with talented tongues. And penises. What more could I want? I filmed again Thursday with the Delivery Guy...probably our last shoot. While I got content it was not what I hoped for. You'll still love it but I want to create better stuff.

I may have an LA porn shoot soon. They specifically asked for me. You KNOW it's a granny film. LOL Hey, I think it's absolutely hilarious that I'm making porn at this point in my life and still having LOTS of naughty fun. I'm very grateful that my career is still viable, despite all the roadblocks our government and banking try to erect. And do.

Listen, compared to what those poor people in the Ukraine are going through, our life in this country is blessed. If any of you know of a good, reliable charity to send funds to them let me know at or send me a text. 518-258-0866. (Something you can always do.) My heart is breaking watching this and the news is almost too much to bear.

My little problems are nothing! Just part of life. And life is good for me. I wish the same for you and yours!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday's Update

PS...remember the naughty version of any of these is at

Thursday's Update

The outfit and hair style were by request. "new" car. They guys on Only Fans said I should name her.

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